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Aquatic and Cenazoic Creatures

Just thought I should ask about this since I’ve never really put much effort into levelling and hatching my aquatics and Cenazoic Creatures.

So here is my best few aquatics

And here are my best few Cenazoics

So (naturally i think) I’ve prioritised hatching and evolving land creatures over these other 2. For the most part in fighting against level 21+ super rare and no higher than level 10 legendaries in aquatics and thats kinda fine but for Cenozoic events, sometimes I even go against level 31 legendaries (I think the reason everything is a bit dodgy with Cenozoic is because of the rebalancing that happened a while back)

Is it natural at my stage to have pretty low aquatics and Cenazoics or should I focus more on leveling them

It is really up to you.

Some people only want to play with Dinos/Jurassics.

Personally, I’d say make sure you can confidently finish in Jurassic Dom for all tournaments, than pick one of the two to work on next.

I picked Aquatic, but that may have been because of how badly I got smacked around in the last Aquatic Tournament. We haven’t had a Ceno Tournament in awhile.


Ok thanks, I’ll work on getting my Dino’s strong then go to aquatics

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I don’t understand their inclusion. I would bet most players have never heard of 95 percent of the Cenozics and Aquatics. They rarely have tournaments. They are basically extras for PVP which for me personally…when I land them in a pack they amount to a Zonk prize…waaaaa waaaa. I don’t understand their inclusion and I doubt their popluraity outside the most hardcore of gamers.

Wait until a cool new Jurassic dino that everyone wants is released in an Aquatic or Ceno tournament.

It was just an expansion of the game to keep people playing.


It’s been done before. It’ll be done again. Last spring we had four Aquatic or Cenozoic tournaments in four weeks, three of them were for Jurassic creatures.