Aquatic Concepts!

I’m going to go far too serious in this but whatever. Quick Disclaimer : Wall of text incoming. Brace yourself
(Also I will be using the “Notes” section in JWA Toolbox for passive abilities)

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First let’s talk about how they would spawn. There are a couple different ways to look at this, first is that they spawn in natural water bodies. This is the worst option because if you live in a land locked country you would never get any aquatics. To include everyone the other two options must be used. The second is that they would have 2 different maps for aquatics and land creatures. Like how we have “emotes” and “creatures” tabs in the collections, we can have a “Terrestrial” and a “Aquatic” tab. Or we can have aquatics randomly float about like in Pokemon Go. For the sake of simplicity lets have 2 different tabs.

Fierce Creatures

What classes would make fierce creatures? The first creatures that come into mind are sharks and the mosasaurs. Another thing that I think of is pliosaurus. Pliosaurus for those of you paleontology noobs, are essentially marine reptiles that look like the mosasaurus, the only difference is that mosa had a massive tail while these guys didn’t. Here’s a further breakdown of how they could have different niches -


Now I think that mosasaurus should be special and have a role far different from the others, it shouldn’t be grouped with the other aquatics just because it looks like them. Look at how lackluster the Rex is in the game, it’s just another underdog, a figment of the past, a lost soul. I don’t want the mosa to go through that, so he will have his own thing, his own moves, his own animations.


Now right of the bat you notice two new moves, “Shield Breaking Strike” and “Adrenaline Rush”, SBS is essentially a move made to balance out AR, it only breaks shields and doesn’t bypass armor. Now on to AR, this move is based upon the fact that your body releases adrenaline when in danger or very excited. The mosa essentially damages itself in order to gain these benefits. A cunning creature will still shut it down easily as the speed increase only puts mosa at 123, far slower than most cunnings. This ability also only lasts for 1 attack so that’s a plus. It’s brand new passive “Predator’s Instinct” basically allows it to “see” the incoming swap in attack and negate some of it.


This is a simple one isn’t it? Sharks are well known for making creatures they attack bleed out, so these would be the underwater equivalents of suchomimus, spinosaurus, and their hybrids.


The sharks are a much different fierce creature than mosasaurus, these guys focus on bleeding out the target while dealing big damage. Their “Gnashing” allow them to bleed the target and deal additional damage. Their special passive ability allows them to deal even more additional damage on top of vulnerability.

Resilient Creatures

It’s much harder to find aquatic creatures that would fit the “resilient” class type. So I made an executive decision to make whales and long necked plesiosaurus resilient. They are voracious carnivores, but in the ocean there are maybe 5 or 6 genera of herbivroes and these guys really fit the “big bulky tank” streotype so that’s what I’m sticking with.


More Coming Soon!


Wow I cannot express how much I agree with you. I definitely prefer having two different maps. I was even thinking last night that Mosasaurs should be the typical shield breakers, but sharks should be bleeders (maybe rend as well). Good stuff, looking forward to more!

Mosasaurus doesn’t need to be unique though, since there are other genera of Mosasaurs (like Tylosaurus). But they wouldn’t need to group it with stuff like short-necked plesiosaurs (e.g. Pliosaurus). They aren’t closely related anyway.


I’m working on the resilients rn, then I might add more to the mosasaurus family tree, and the pliosaurus. Also thanks for the feedback!

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I was thinking classes would disregard actual phylogeny. Like, dolphins and small toothed whales could be cunning, along with the smaller mosasaurs, filter-feeders of all kinds could be resilient, the apex predator sharks, pliosaurs, mosasaurs and even whales could be fierce. Plesiosauroids could be wildcards. Crocs could be wildcards too, or fierce.


Yeah I agree with this, especially with how diverse clades can be. Like among the fish (creatures that use fish animations in JWTG), Leedsichthys could be resilient, Xiphactinus could be cunning, and Dunkleosteus could be fierce (with some armor). They don’t need to all be the same.

That said, there are a lot with similar body plans, and they should probably be the same class. It wouldn’t make sense for Plesiosaurus to be resilient and have Elasmosaurus be cunning, or have Pliosaurus be Cunning and Lipleurodon be fierce. Some should be the same. But I can definitely see stuff like Basilosaurus being Fierce while Durodon is cunning, for example.

Also don’t forget about Ichthyosaurs! They’re very diverse too, but the smaller dolphin-like ones at least would be great candidates for cunnings.


Actually, it could—with a bit of lore—but that would be the exception, not the rule. I get what you’re saying, of course.


Ah, just remembered. Cephalopods would be cunning, of course.


One thing I’d like to figure out is the battle arena for Aquatics. Unless you’re ok with floating aquatics alongside the current arenas (which I know a lot of people are, and that’s fine, but it’s not my thing), then aquatics would need a separate set of arenas, campaigns, strike towers, maybe even raids. The problem with this (at least concerning arena) is that it means fewer people playing in the current terrestrial arenas, where wait times are long enough already.

So the trick is to find a way to incentivize battling in both arenas. Ideally, I’d like both to feel unique, without either making the other obsolete. It would be really cool if aquatic battles had a unique mechanic, but I’m not sure what that mechanic might be. It could be something like both players automatically swapping every round, or all aquatic battles being double battles (but then why do terrestrial creatures have moves like swap in Defense, a swap in ability that taunts?). So let me know if you have any ideas regarding this, or aquatic battles in general.


Nah two different arenas is simpler. It atleast has to be slightly realistic lol

They definitely could. The interesting thing is that many of them had shells (amonites, orthocones, etc.), so they could be resilient too, or Resilient-Cunning. Or they could be like how I described Dunkleosteus, with significant armor without being resilient.


Even the ones with exterior shells? Ammonite would be resilient imo because shell

I definitely prefer separate arenas for each, but like I said it would be nice to have some way to encourage players to use both arenas. Different mechanics, different rewards, something like that.


I kinda want aquatics to have some unique mechanics like buffs and debuffs, but I’m not sure if that would be too much.
You can incentivise anything through daily missions.

That’s a good point, but to that I say armoured cunning creatures. They can have really low health to compensate, and insane damage mitigation to deal with fierce creatures. It would maybe work.


That really breaks the class system though, thats like giving a resilient 130 speed or a fierce cleansing

Yeah heavily armored cunnings aren’t really a thing yet, so that would actually be very interesting to see. Plus a distracting counter attack that referencing “inking” the opponent is a given.

That begs the question of what would be resilient though. Archelon and other turtles are obvious, but what else? Long-necked plesiosaurs? Giant ichthyosaurs?


It could be balanced though, if it has weaknesses in other stats to compensate. Low hp (with high armor), decent attack, low speed. I don’t see much problem with them giving a creature any stats they want, with the abilities being more class-defining. That way they can create more unique types of creatures that we haven’t seen in the game before, like what they seemed to be doing with Eremotherium.


I did do the whales for resilient, simply because they have blubber which is literally better than turtle shells in terms of protecting. Also they can echolocate, which works well as a new passive…
The giant Ichtyosaurs and plesiosaurus are the ones i’ve made resilient as well

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Hey, Eremotherium is one of the slowest creatures in the game, but it works as a Cunning.
All the ammonites/belemnites would need is enough HP to survive one distracted (maybe even distracted+dodged) hit from a fierce, then stacking distraction could handle the rest. If the health is low enough resilient creatures should be able to take them down.

The armour could allow them to counter other cunning creatures too, to some extent.


With armor, I would probably stick to just distraction. Maybe on a hybrid though…


I feel like a lot of early whales didn’t have much blubber though (or at least we don’t think they did, but we could be shrink wrapping them a bit). But I do agree with your groupings there. Another possible resilient is desmostylus, but that’s a bit of an oddball. Other marine mammals are on the table too though.

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