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Aquatic Creature Map Idea?

So, Idk if its been suggested already or not(probably has), but here’s my idea of aquatic creatures being able to spawn and be on maps. I am merely discussing map and spawn stuff, nothin else. So, idk how to explain it through worlds like a normal person in a sentence so here are some drawings I did to kinda help explain it a bit.

So if there were a way to go back and forth from Regular dino spawn to aquatic spawn, I have 2 ideas in mind. Either you can have your entire map go aquatic or only have your circle as an aquatic dart range. And so, to activate this, my idea is you can either press a button that’d be right above the little bag thing on map or you can activate some sort of scent that would make your dart-able circle thing into water.

So yeah, I’m stuck between a scent or a button to activate this aquatic map and how far it would go. If it was a scent, I would hope that it can be collected through supply drops and other places as well like daily battle incubators and the market and we could collect at least 3-5 or something like that.

Supply drops:
I am guessing people would get upset if this little push of a button to activate the aquatic got rid of the supply towers and whatnot, so if the water map is activated, I made this

Green supply drops would just float in place while regular supply drops with our without strike events would be on these lifesavers that would bob around like they were in water.

So, if aquatic was turned on, I would imagine that there are no regular dinosaurs or land creatures on the map, only aquatics like mosasaur and stuff. So the green supply drops wouldn’t be useful for anything at all when they are in aquatic mode unless they have aquatic creatures under them for events. Maybe land dwelling aquatic creatures like spino and bary and such could spawn on the aquatic map, but idk how they would stay in place… maybe just have their heads and back poking out of the surface of the water like crocs and gators. If you have the map set to land mode, you can possibly have little deep puddles containing aquatic creatures as shown above for the green supply drops with the mosasaur. They would be like the cracks and holes in ice frozen above water, and when your done darting the creature the puddle would disappear. Maybe for the viewing animation, when viewing the creature you either go in the water and watch it swim with a loop animation or watch it stick its head out of the water-diving into water-and coming back out.

Sorry this is so long, Idk how to shorten this. I may also come back to edit the post in case I left anything out.


I like it! Always wished for aquatics to be added, and your concept art is amazing! Now we just need some creatures lol

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I too wanted a to create this topic today. your ideas are amazing!

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I thought of an idea of an aquatic update where a certain structure appears on the map just like sanctuaries. These are special DPG institutions ment for the aquatic species conservation (Unlock at lvl.10). When you tap on them it asks some resource like cash/coins, then your map turns into an marine world. everything else is same. Supplies, darts,etc.
And don’t worry you won’t sink you have a submarine with you.

I like the idea of having a second aquatic map that you can switch to. Probably just keep it as all terrestrial on one map and all aquatics on the other. That also let’s you have separate aquatics zones, parks, strike towers, etc. Can’t do any of those with a scent.


So I decided to meddle with the idea of sanctuaries and what they would look like on the aquatic map, and they look like prisons, but oh well, prob a better design for them out there somewhere

As well as some doodles of darting with a submarine drone thing instead of a drone, and I guess it’d be cool if there were bubble flying behind a dart being shot

Sorry for the bad quality, my phone died and I’m using my computer camera


One cool idea would be to primarily have seperate aquatic and terrestrial maps. But as a bonus, aquatics could spawn in real life bodies of water on the terrestrial map. And on the aquatic map, that water would turn into land (islands or continents for oceans I guess) where terrestrial creatures could spawn.

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Yeah darting probably wouldn’t need to change. You’re just darting from above the water.

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so kinda the same situation I mentioned earlier with green supply drops spawning aquatics on the land map, and how there would be a “puddle” of sorts containing an aquatic creature, but not only for the green supply drops but also in the wild

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would be cool to have it underwater too to hear their roars like in JWtG, but I’d be fine if it was above water

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Yeah something like that. I still think having a separate map just for aquatics is a must no matter what though.

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Yeah that would be cool. I was just thinking that darting would keep the same top-down perspective, whether it’s from a drone or an underwater ROV.

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probably would

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Anyone mind if I create aquatic concepts and post them here? This thread kinda is for the map, but still


I have megalodoodle

It has above average speed and damage for a fierce, but slightly lower health. It has a 10% crit chance because my version is a bleeder and they don’t usually have high crit chance. It has the ability to drop any non resistant, non cleansing creature in two turns. And it has a brand new revenge move!

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It’s cool, but I don’t think Megalodon should be a bleeder, having really high base damage suits it better, like the aquatic equivalent of T.rex.

make aquatic creature on land or make 2 maps one for land and one for aquatic

Jurassic World the Game separates terrestrial and aquatic arenas. Not sure that that would work well for JWA. I’ve often suggested that the backdrop should reflect the combatants.

If both terrestrial then it goes by the Arena background.
If both aquatic it uses something like the mosasaur enclosure.
If terrestrial and aquatic face then you get the poolside from the end of Jurassic World where the mosasaur grabs the Indominus.

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I don’t think bleeding suits Meg since its hunting strategy is to ambush the prey from below and finish it off in one bite. DSR would be better :slightly_smiling_face:

I really, REALLY want aquatics in the game. And I agree that it would be ideal if they weren’t separated from terrestial. However that kinda takes away from arena progression, doesn’t it?