Aquatic creatures should be added (in the future)

An idea for a new update, the aquatic update (not to be confused with the update aquatic). It should include creatures such as elasmosaurus, ammonite, plesiosaurus, mosasaurus, and megalodon. The creatures would seem as if they were swimming (like the water types in Pokémon GO) and only spawn in bodies of water off the coast(not far out at sea).


How would they fight land and air dinos?

Similarly to Jurassic World Builder where they have their own underwater arenas (maybe flooded aviary or sunken S.S. Arcadia.)

Jeeez we just got flyers too much change too quickly will ruin the game.


Just throwing some ideas out there

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and how can you not mention mosasaurus, the only one that’s actually been in the movies? new battle arena, edge of the aquatic enclosure when land/aquatics can fight, like in the movie. but yeah, it will probably be a while before we get it. and we’ll probably get cenozoics too, even further down the line.

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Thank you, the mosa made me think of this, yet I forget the one that was in the films. The Cenozoics would also be cool, maybe also Neanderthals.

Cavemen vs. Indoraptor- “a creature of the future takes on people of the past”


It wouldn’t make sense. Where would the spawn ? Certainly not in water who would want to buy a water-proof phone and rent a boat or swim to the middle of a lake to dart a water creature. Or how are you planning on this to work ? :thinking:

Marine reptiles, yes. Cenozoics and cavemen? That’s “B” movie crapola, so NO. Dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles should be more than enough.

Too many cooks spoil the soup, after all…


This is JURASSIC World, not "100 Million Years B.C., or “Caveman”, for crying out loud…

And yes, i know Jurassic World the Game may have had them, but they weren’t in the film lore - they weren’t on Wu’s “To Do” list.

So adding animals (Cenozoic megafauna) that never lived during the reign of the Dinosaurs doesn’t make sense. And adding cavemen makes this game lose any shred of credibility it has.

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caveman, no. cenozoics will almost certainly be in the game at some point.

They’re trying to kill the game, aren’t they? If they add those, i guess there’s a few I WON’T be darting.

I greet, to be honest is already OK with the pterosaurs

Stop trying to ruin the game… petrosaurs is bad enough

Eventually it will happen but its way to soon as we have only just had the pterosaurs which by the way once a few of them get a buff in future updates will be awesome…

Ludia needs to sort out the mess the game is becoming first with all the glitches it has…

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cenozoics are in jurassic park builder and jurassic world the game. they’ve been in ludia’s games for years. what makes you think they wouldn’t put them into the one as well?

gives opportunities for different attacks, play styles, metas, etc. or should we just get more dinos every month with the same attacks, just slightly different health/damage?

Wouldn’t want to ever see it!! Not dinosaurs in my eyes.

Jurassic world alive… it’s based off the film… use dinos off the film, that’s that… for me anyway


Cenozoic animals would absolutely ruin this game. Dinosaurs were far more interesting animals, anyway. I mean, a mammoth or a mastodon - oooo…a big hairy scaled-up elephant. Or a glyptodont - basically the biggest armadillo ever. Not scary. Smilodon? Not scary enough.

The mammals never were in the books, or in any of the films. They aren’t canon. I think that in adding creatures that never belonged, they killed JP Builder and JWtG.

Big mammals don’t belong. Period.

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You do know I was joking around with Neanderthals