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Aquatic creatures


As we know aquatics aren’t coming this update what your thoughts are on it also what creatures would you add to the game and the rarity


Don’t really care what type of creatures get added. I gotta catch ‘em all, regardless. Collecting first, Arena second.
I would like to see Styracosaurus added, though. Maybe a Rare used to fuse towards hybrid(s)?


You are right personally I just hope the mosasaurus gets added as a epic but I mean Ludia is going to ruin the the game with the similodon so that would be good


I’d put the scolosaurus in the wild. It’s a common you can make a hybrid with. It makes zero sense to me to hoard it Ludia!


Or maybe an arena exclusive.


Putting it in the wild would be great or a arena 1 exclusive because one of them is now a wild creature

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