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Aquatic dinos and pterosaurs

Hot summer starts, and we don’t have any fresh cold dinos, should you add some aquatic dinos or even the flying ones?, pterosaurs would be awesome!


Maybe Pterosaurs could have a passive for a percent chance to evade a hit?

Last big patch has been released 15-17 days ago so they are probably working on something…

If they have to start from scratch i don’t think they will make it into the game by the end of the summer. They put a video up of a developer creating a ‘dino’ on their FB page which takes approximately 2 months…

Would love to see more dino variety!

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I’m sure Ludia has tons of designers. If you look at Jurassic world the game they release all the time and plus that game gives them tons of skins to work with and all. I hope they do keep adding features and dinos, I’m sure they will because they still add to JWTG

I like the idea of aquatic dino’s. But it will present a problem in the Arena. How will a Mosasaurus fight on land against a Velociraptor?
So if they will be implemented, there has to be some change in that.

Also, aquatic dino’s should only spawn in water (lakes, sea, channels, etc).


no for the safety they have to let them spawn near water not in water. like what if a mosasaurus spawns like 1km in the sea, some people might try to get it putting their self in risk. or well maybe 1km is a little bit to far, but just right to see it on the radar

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I understand. But it would be sad to see a Mosasaurus in the middle of the city

Pokémon go spawned Waterbury creatures by the water. Also Jurassic world the game had specific arenas for different dinosaur types. Same company as JWTG I wouldn’t be surprised if they implement something similar, or maybe avoid aquatics and focus on cenozoic and pterosaurs for now

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I don’t know if people will agree but I really want Ludia to add aquatic creatures


I would also like to see the following new creatures or types:

Pleasiosaur or other “Lock Ness” type sea creatures.
Pterodactyl or this kind of flying type with dodging abilities.
Sabar Tooth Tigers unless that is from the prehistoric period after the Jurassic period.
Anaconda snakes or other snakes of sorts with damage over time poison.
Woolly Mammoths unless these are prehistoric and not Jurassic.

I’m not sure if mammals fit the build of this game.

Both the Sabre Tooth Tiger (or more accurately, Smilodon) and Woolly Mammoth are from the Cenozoic era (dinosaurs, Pterosaurs (like the Pterodactyl you mentioned), and ancient aquatic creatures like Plesiosaurus all lived during the, I believe, Mesozoic era), which took place after all the dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, etc. went extinct. So yeah, unless a future film in the Jurassic World franchise includes creatures like the Smilodon & Woolly Mammoth, we aren’t likely to see them in this game. It’s a bit easier to get away with it in the park-building one, I think, because, well, that’s a form of amusement park. With this game, they have to (or rather, should) go for a more realistic bent.

There are 12 flying reptiles coming to the game. You can check metahub for details but the their data was found in the apk after the update came out.

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I’m waiting extinct creatures in the sky too.
Pterosauria and Archaeopteryx… and so on.
But… isn’t it stupid like aqatic ones floating above the shallow creeke?


I really hope if more species are coming Lydia will make specific incubators for ground, sky and water creatures and let us choose. Yes, it’s a long shot lol!

It’s called Loch Ness :roll_eyes: