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Aquatic dinos

If aquatics are added in the future, how will they look like?
Will they look like this, inside the water…

…and then jump out when they’re attacking

Or will they be like sarco and other crocs and just stay on the ground?
What do you think? How will they look like in battle?


Plot twist: Everyone battles under water.


Imagine how cool that would be


Different Arena types could be interesting. I don’t mean boost vs non-boost either :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine in the water charging type moves such as Instant charge and defense shattering rampage don’t work.

Since coins are rather easy to get this could encourage people to level up alt team dinos which would provide long term playability.

i’m already reading brand new topics:

“nerf mosasaurus please” :roll_eyes:


But might be in this picture Dracoce-RAT-OPs taking out mosasaurus :slight_smile: You know he can !!!

Nah Draco is out already means h
DracoRat is Mosa food.

New legendary acuatic hybrid with Swap In rampage Dracuatictops

Love this pic…lol

I hope we don’t get them. There’s so many real dinosaur types not in the game and they’ve already added mammals.

I imagine that aquatic vs aquatic will be purely underwater. Aquatic vs anything else, will be the Arena-side smashed railing where the Indominus got munched, with aquatics attacking out from the water.

nevermind… update 1.9:



  • Swap in Ability becomes Swap In Torpedo Rampage, part of balancing adjustments to matches with aquatic creatures.

hope you enjoy.



mosasaurus! Mosasaurus! Mosa! IMG_2243

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I feel like if aquatics were added, it would make sense to split the arenas.

However, if that ends up as not being the case, i feel the aquatics would have possible exclusive moves where they could possibly lower crit chances, a move similar to the pokemon move “pain split” to where they can even out their health, or even use something that out-prioritizes swaps and turns into a rampage doing so. These moves would be called:

Demotivating Strike/Impact/Rampage: Deals 1x,1.5x,2x damage, lowers the opponents crit chance by 25% for two turns

Level off: has priority, evens out hp to meet at the same percentage remaining

Flee Prevention: deals 1x damage, bypassing shields and armor. Damage doubles if the opponent swaps and acts before the swap

At this stage where we are on the verge of aquatic dinosaurs being released methinks everyone needs to get their heads out of the beach sand, we already have some dinos that are aquatic based or at the very least could be adapted for an aquatic use in arena battles like the kaprosuchus, diplocaulus both normal & gen 2, sarchosuchus, purrusaurus normal & gen 2, sarcorixis, diplovenator, koolasuchus both normal & gen 2, nundasuchus, gryposuchus, postosuchus, grypolyth & the skoolasaurus so as most players can see we already have an extensive range of dinos that could be adapted to an aquatic arena with little fuss at all … true so on that basis i would start to level up some of the above mentioned dinos as quickly as possible because in a water based environment they will become fearsome fighters every last one of them especially some of the hybrids ! :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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