Aquatic Dna Hybrids

Ill be posting Aquatic hybrids to vote on the first one read my post on our custom creatures and do the steps

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You ok alberto?

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This text will be blurred

Oh ok any thing u want to suggest i make?

Velociraptor + Kaiwe-

Ok brb with it

There you go

@Gaming_dino9206 why do you put dna after all the non hybrids names

The idea i have is it would be a resorce only used in making hybrids ontained in battle events bc how is a mosasaurus gonna fight a trex so instead you could collect the dna and not level up the dns but use it stright away into hybrids for double the cost

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Taniwhasaurus plus Acro
I mean this

Np brb with it

oh makes ense

Yea whats the mosa gonna do develop legs btw thats y they don’t have resistances as why would dna have resistances how ever each one would show unique moves that the hybrid could inherit do yk

I did a thread on it and they were like i wanna be able to use the creatures, so basically ludia instead of my add it when u want plan add 128 nee creatures so we can have a new arena

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Dk about the name but yk

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