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Aquatic events

Today I did the aquatic event (forgot its name) and the price was as always a rare fish… as long as I play these events, for the aquatics I always seem to get the same fishes… is that pricewheel just poorly configured, or is it just my extreme bad luck?? I find it quite annoying that the prices are always the lame super rare fishes, that I’m thinking of skipping this event totally… if it wasn’t for the COT I probably would have already…

What are your rewards? U have better prices once in a while, or u all get the same lame fish like the onchopristus?? I am curious about your thoughts

I am not sure which event you are speaking of, I don’t have an aquatic event today. But most wheels have statistical information behind them when you look at the prizes before you spin. I am sure you already knew that but just remember every wheel spin is a brand new event and your chances of any one item resets. Over time should you approach the statistics that are displayed? Yes but it could take hundreds and hundreds of spins to get to that point and along the way you are going to pick up a lot of copies of the ones that have the highest probability.

Bad luck. It happens.

You are correct… its not an aquatic event… but with dino’s… it just that the prizes are aquatic (fish)

I think it was claim your territory… prizes are always terrible for that specific event (for me)

Got it, yes it doesn’t have the best rewards:

It’s a ~54% chance you will end up with a super rare with three of the creatures being 30% of that total.

I don’t always do this event, just depends on how I am feeling and what creatures I do or do not have on cool down.

I mainly do it for the sDNA. So it definitely is one I sometimes skip.

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I want to say it was worth around 500LP with the 4x right now. So, it was worth it to me for that.

I guess you landed on the pack? Good for you. If it wasn’t for the s-DNA, I’d probably skip it once I no longer needed credit for Clash of Titans


I skip this one because the prize wheel is total guff. Not even the sdna can tempt me into wasting my time with it.

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