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Aquatic Hunt, Drone upgrade and Fossil feature

    Aquatic Creatures would spawn on the Seas and Nearby beach, using high level Drone to catch them right on land, if doesn’t have high lv Drone so only way is on the ship with someone and catch the Aquatic Creatures right on the Surface.
    Inspire and Relative: Aquatic Creature Map Idea? - #13 by Snake_Dude

    if you don’t have money to buy ViPmembership you can Upgrade your Drone with DinoCoin so you can extended your Drone range and have Longer Battery, even Double Dart gun at MaxLv(15), More Easier to hunt on the Ocean.
    Concept art:

    If you has been going around your town like an idiot but doesn’t got even any Common Creatures! I was that haha! So here something to place that! The Fossil Feature, the Fossil have higher Spawn chance than Actual Creatures than 50%, when you click on the Fossil! You’ll see what Creatures that fossil belong to, use coin to extract DNA from fossil and then the fossil would gone, but if you already Max Level that Creatures but also too many of fossil? Relax! You can combine them to be an Completely Fossil then you can have some Achievement!
    Concept art:

    Inspire and Relative:
    New Fossil Feature - #13 by TheCobraEye

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I really like the idea of fossils and it’s similar to JWE!

The drone idea isn’t bad either!

For where are the future marine dinosaurs I think it can not be done!
Think of everyone who lives miles and miles away from the sea!
How do they find marine?

A good move would be to put the Marines inside the lakes and rivers, but still there are those who are not there have them at hand!
They could do some sea that isn’t on the map or something like that!

In the summary is a good suggestion thread!


Great idea! When it comes to the aqua creatures, when you’re near the sea there could be a mosasaurus boss and a megaladon boss, and when you’re near a river/lake there could be a sarcosuchus boss and a koolasuchus boss.