Aquatic hybrids, too costly

I think aquatic hybrids are a bit over priced for the stats. Your better off just getting maxed out tournaments or V.I.P.s. I realized this when I started trying to get the dunkleosaurus, when I got both the components, I went to check the stats of the dunkleosaurus at lvl 10 to see if a fusion at the moment was worth it. The dunkleosaurus at lvl 10 has almost half the health of the mososaurus. I don’t think the hybrid at lvl 10 needs to be better, but I’m just saying it shouldn’t be way worse since it cost a lot more, around 30,000 extra dna just to be so much worse. It’s a shame too because I love the designs of every one of them, they just cost way too much.

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Yeah, but in the endgame of course tourney hybrids are better


While yes, the Mosasaurus at L40 is 19% stronger than a L10 Dunkleosaurus, it’s CD is about 5 hours less than Mosa’s is. At L20 Dunkasaurus is only an hour longer than L40 Mosa, and is stronger too.

In the end, Tourney Hybrids are a late game goal, where the massive costs are the lure to late game players to keep playing.

The costs aren’t the problem imo, it’s the balance of the classes that is. Leptostega is the only Reef Hybrid, and it’s vastly underpowered compared to EVERY other Aquatic Hybrid. There is no competitive market like in the Jurassic park. Thus we are pretty much stuck with only using her, else risk giving up on class advantage.


while yes at the late game there is no other choice than to get the aquatic hybrids if you want the strongest aquatic creatures, there isn’t really much of a reason to get these strong aquatic creatures, seeing as the events you need them in are vastly outnumbered by land events. And the amount of ferocity you actually need to get to “late game” aquatic is very low, as I was able to complete the aquatic tournament with only lvl 20 V.I.P. creatures. The reason you would want strong land creatures is because there are a multitude of events that you would need to use them in, vastly above your ferocity level and also more rewarding to beat.
The reason these hybrids aren’t worth it is because V.I.P.s are already able to hit the needed ferocity for unscaled events sucn as tournaments and boss battles. I think cenozoic creatures have the same problem where V.I.P. creatures already hit the needed ferocity to do all unscaled events, and cost so much less than the slightly better alternatives. (also leptostega isn’t the best reef, V.I.P reef creatures have a lot more ferocity despite costing way less)
A easy fix to this problem is to just give harder, more rewarding events for aquatics to justify the heavy cost, or to decrease their prices, or they could even hold land vs aquatic events and buff the ferocity of aquatics to match so there would be a reason to get non-V.I.P aquatics. All late-game land creatures are stronger than V.I.P.s

Also, generally aquatics cost a lot more than land, but it’s okay because they are also a lot stronger, aquatic uniques are stronger than land uniques, aquatic superares are better than land superares, and aquatic hybrids are better than land hybrids. But for some reason, the same is not true for aquatic unique hybrids, they cost more but have way less ferocity, which was my original gripe, I didn’t really have a problem with most other aquatics.

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I have got so many of my Aquatic hybrids through DNA to Aquatic custom trades, where every so often you get offered one at half the DNA price. Then they are a fair price. But you have to turn down a lot of unwanted over-priced legendaries that get offered first, so you do waste CTs which is a cost in itself…

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I agree, xiphactodon (I definitely spelled that wrong) costs as much as indominus rex.

You can complete pretty much any and everything in the game with level 20 VIP’s or similar ferocity. Almost all PvE is based on your lineups ferocity and tourneys; whether jurassic, aquatic or cenozoic; can easily be won with a level 20 VIP ferocity(just need depth at that ferocity to complete them)
Anything above that is really just personal preference and to be able to have every creature the game offers.
Making the comparison between the ferocity of dinos used to make hybrids at lvl 40 vs the actual hybrid at lower levels can be made pretty much across the board(even with Indom Rex and Indo’s), but the cooldowns are much quicker and it gives you access to the ferocity of the hybrids/S-hybrids at a higher level(if you choose to take them there).

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I also get VIPs for about 14000 DNA through these trades. So there’s that as well