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Aquatic hybrids

I saw that you were going to make the Mosasaurus Dunleosteus hybrid and I’d had the idea of aquatic hybrids long before that announcement so Imthought I could give you ideas of other aquatic hybrids. First is the Styommite, Styxosaurus and Ammonite. Second is the Baculodus, Baculites and Rhizodus. Third is the Oncoprion, Helicoprion and Onchopristis. I may send more aquatic hybrid ideas later but for now that’s enough. Bye.

Not sure you’re in the right game forum. This one’s for Jurassic World ALIVE, not JW the game.

Two different things. JWA currently has no marine creatures. JW:tG does.

It says JW the game on my screen, so K don’t know what you see.