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Aquatic Lineup Deepening Goals

"Jurassic Fury, as revealed a few hours back, decided to work on his aquatic lineup FINALLY after 7+ months of playing. Reliable sources, as always, say that he had nine unhatched VIP aquatics in his market - Two Giant Orthocones, Two Orthacanthus, Two Plotosaurus, One Tylosaurus, One Hainosaurus and One Tusoteuthis.

Apparently, he has taken this desicion with regard to the fact that he has quite sufficient Jurassic creatures to somehow accomodate Tournaments as well as PvE, due to which he considered shifting his lineup goals for a while."

So yeah suggestions? My other unlocked (special event) aquatics are Xiphactinus, Mauisaurus, Helicoprion, Geosaurus, Leedsichthys, Styxosaurus, Hauffiosaurus, Dolicorhynchops, Megalodon, Umoonasaurus and Archelon. Which of these should I get to a recommended level? My top 9 creatures are the above mentioned VIPs at level 10.

Can anyone recommend which team setup will work well in Dominator, level-wise? For example, recommended Dominator Jurassic team is level 20 VIPs and level 40 Legendaries, is it the same for Aquatics or is it more/less?

Level 10 VIPs,Level 20 Tourney creatures and Level 30-40 Legendaries perform as well in Aquatics as Level 20 VIPs among Jurassics. This is something I know about dominator finishes.

Focus on the reefs the most, others can come later. Keep a balance of the others at your disposal. Do not put any great attention to Super Rares,a level 10 Tournament creature easily equals a level 40 Super Rare and about their hybrids? Level 40 Super Rare Hybrids among Aquatics equal level 40 tournament creatures.

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Aquatics are easier in tourneys. More expensive to build though.

Solid Gold Packs will give a good inflow if Aquatics , I’ve read @Mary_Jo being happy to have only purchased Solid Gold Packs because of the Aquatic Line Up it has given her.

This is my lineup, which needs some work…


Thanks for the topic!

I’ve been considering to contact support as th custom trades for aquatics don’t seem to be working. And I could really make use of coin to aquatics trades as the more useful creatures are quite costly dna-wise.

I have a few creatures unlocked so I already made dakoderma (not very useful for now), xinathodon and leptostega. But these hybrids are so costly, I might have to reconsider focusing more on tourney creatures instead.

I can tell that out of all the regular legendaries I only like kronosaurus and kaiwekhea. At today’s hatchery discount I’m going to insta hatch an other 3 kaiwekheas, so I could have an other lvl 30 as I’m lacking surfaces.

I want to be able to finish in dom in aquatic tournament as well. Also I need more team to compete in regular pvps. My lvl 11 orthocone, krono, xinathodon team is nearly unbeatable and the only team that lands me advanced wheel in regular and maybe elite in modded pvp. So that’s the main issue I’m having.

What are your best winning teams?

What I would give to have such a lacking line up as yours! :slight_smile:
So what is your plan on the reef front? Is leptostega worth having or any of the reef tourney guys at your lvl?


I’m gonna worry about that later.

@MirrMurr I am pleased with my lineup, but I do plan to level up two reef creatures: the Umonasaurus and Archelon. I also plan to get the Lepostega very soon. I very rarely lose a regular pvp match, and can complete all aquatic events, but do have a bit of trouble with modded pvp matches. But with proper positioning and strategy, typically one of my Dunkleosaurus is able to defeat most reef creatures.


It’s been a while since I participated in an aquatic tournament, but I was doing just fine with Lvl 10 VIP creatures then. I could get into Dominator League regularly, but with the introduction of new aquatic hybrids, maybe you can try this team: Level 10 meat shield, level 20 with higher attack and weak to the first dino, followed by a level 10 midrange dino weak to the second dino?
E.g. L10 Orthancanthus, L20 Henodus and L10 Hainosaurus

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It should work fine.

9 VIP Aquatics unhatched with 2 Plotosaurus is going to do a major part halfed out.

Thanks, I tried the recommended team (haven’t yet leveled henodus to lvl 20, I have to wait for the rest of the line up to catch up) it worked just fine!
During the last aquatic tournament, I made it to predator with only 2 lvl 10 giant orthocones and mostly lvl 20-30 SRs. At the time it didn’t bother me as my jurassics couldn’t perform any better either.
I still need a month or two to work on my line up, then I hope to test them as soon as possible.