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Aquatic Lineup Help

Apparently these things become useful at level 40, I have no idea what a good lineup is because the last time I owned an aquatic only the mosasaurus existed. That’s why I need help for my lineup.

It’s very unbalanced because of my beginner mistakes. Pls suggest things I should do


Considering your park level that’s a brilliant lineup already :+1:

I wouldnt worry too much on aquatics for now, get yourself to dominator wins for land tournaments first because thats where most of the unlock opportunities will come from.

In the mean time hatch every aquatic the game gives you, this will help in future when you start building your aquatic lineup.


Oh you hatched your ice cream cone. Does that make your aquatic missions hard to do or anything? I haven’t hatched my Turtle because I was scared that my Suchodus and level 10 legendaries can’t handle its weight


Ice cream cone :joy:

I’m sure that the ferocity of a level 10 suchodus is greater than or at least on par with a level 1 henodus

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That’s what @DinosaursRCool calls it…

I know my Suchodus is definitely ready for the Turtle challenge. Are the rest of my aquatics ready though? Should I be making Prognathodon 40 or something?

You’ll be ok with a L1 VIP. You might need to wait out cool downs to reuse vs battling all at once. (Which may be like 20-30min.)

You have until Park L50 to open the trade harbor, so sitting on things to hatch doesn’t hurt you yet.

No the battles are a piece of cake. I get battles with level 20 Super Rares still

Oh level 20 super rares. Okay, not too bad. Before I hatched Suchodus I was actually getting level 1-4 Super Rares XD

Yea it looks like a ice cream cone lol! Just like Henodus looks like a pancake

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Ah yes, meet the most powerful aquatic creatures we have to offer: Ice Cream Orthocone and Pancake Turtle.

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The worse part about Henodus is when Henodus is the “winning” fish, it shakes the screen for a victory dance… I hate that so much.

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How do you have 3 legendaries? I haven’t gotten one from the battles and got it from the daily pack

!!! Wait he does?

That does it, I’m hatching the boi right now

I just skip the animation lol. Unless it’s pvp :frowning:

Yeah I guess this is where all my luck from modded pvp went. I got Liopleurodon immediately after unlocking aquatic paddock from some event (it was either Claim Your Territory or On The Tides) and Kaiwhekea from the same event the week after. Kronosaurus was a jackpot, I pulled it out of the daily missions pack.

You’re getting my drift now! Electronic Dancing Morphodon, Ice Cream Orthocone, and Pancake Turtle! Why do VIPs have such stupid nicknames

Bruh. It would have been better for the luck to stay on the modded pvp though

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Also apparently Presto is the name of a cheese knife company soooo…

Prestosuchus the Cheese Knife!

Topic Derailment Alert

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