Aquatic mode


I had this idea on how Ludia could possibly incorporate ‘water dinosaurs’

Have a new mode that is separate to the normal dinosaurs. The map turns into a screen full of water and our location avatar is a boat/submarine. We hunt dinosaurs by shooting at them when they rise above the waves or something.

The battles are underwater too and you can only battle against people in the aquatic mode. I think this would be a great addition to the game as it’ll motivate people to play the game more, get re-excited and we all get to learn about creatures that many people don’t believe exist.

Think of the hybrids!

I’m pretty sure this is what most people expect.
Feel free to add more of suggestions in the comments


Great idea but realistically that seems like so much work. The game already has a load of problems to begin with. Can’t imagine adding more features :joy:


Sounds like a good idea to me! I want my Lochness! …Don’t give me that look, it’s a Plesiosaur!


Anything that splits the player base even further with battling is a bad idea.


What’s wrong with the battle player base?


I’d be happy with just an aquarium arena for marine reptiles to fight in.


This idea has been floating around for awhile now. Aquatic Arena and a Flying one. Not sure how feasible it would be. Also… I know it wouldn’t be natural… but just having all dino’s battle in whatever arena is fine with me.


i think we should all have to go swimming and skydiving to dart them.


Well, flyers can land, so it’d be similar to JWtG. As for Aquatics, well, they could just leviatate for the heck of it, kinda like in Pokemon, or maybe have some kind of water veil device around their necks so they can “swim” on land.