Aquatic or cenozoic tournament

Hello everybody,

Correct me if I am wrong but we didn’t have any cenozoic neither aquatic tournament for over a year. It’s quite disappointing, I play the game for around 2 years and always enjoyed to play different kind of tournaments than jurassic. Especially considering the rewards like deinocheirus or ceratosaurus would personally not motivate me to participate…

It would just make it much more interesting to have an aqua or ceno tournament from time to time just, say once per 2 months, to change the stereotype a little. Ludia, would that be possible?

  • Jurassic
  • Aquatic
  • Cenezoic
  • with mods
  • with rules

There are so many possibilities to bring more variety to tournaments for Ludia. And they all are already implemented because we had them in the past.
I can not understand why they do not start at least one tournament per month that is not just Jurassic.
The only explanation could be that they recognised that the participation in those special tournaments is lower.


I agree that the reason is probably because people spend less time playing the game during non jurassic than jurassic tournaments but still we could have a different one from time to time. It’s hard to find motivation to spend 4 hours of each weekend if it is every weekend the same and the reward is a dino that is already unlocked…

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I would like an Aquatic tournament from time to time. I’ve built up a pretty good bench, but mainly participate in the daily mission and unlock events. I rarely participate in any other aquatic challenge.

VIP’s had a Aquatic tournament 9/16/19 for Plotosaurus.

Beyond that, however, you are correct. Last April was the last time we had a Cenozoic tournament (4/29/19, Tupuxura) or an Aquatic tournament for non-VIP’s (4/22/19, Segnosaurus).

Bananogmius (12/30/19) was billed as an Aquatic tournament before actually being a Jurassic tournament.

I agree that we need to see some more variety in the types of tournaments we see, although I’m not excited about the return of a Mods tournament.


I agree, I think @Tommi had the idea a long time back where they could offer in a rotating schedule something to the effect of:

Since we are doing tournaments every week now (used to be more sporadic) there is no reason that they couldn’t implement something like this. I feel like this is sort of the “chicken or the egg” theory issue if the participation is low on the Aquatic and Cenozoic tournaments. There are only 1-2 events a week for each of these groups of creatures and around 18-20 a week for Jurassic. Couple this low utilization with almost never having a tournament and I could see why the activity on a Cenozoic or Aquatic tournament would be lower not to mention newer players would not be able to participate since they would not have unlocked those areas yet in the game.

However I do feel it would be beneficial to the game to rotate them in to the schedule if nothing else to start getting players to start utilizing that part of the game more.