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Aquatic pvp bug

Here is a photo of my ipad game (taking screenshots crash the game).

My dead creature just kept on trying to fight.

I had 8 moves stacked ready for my last creature but they all got used up by the dead one leaving me just stuck there between life and death with nothing to do.

They don’t have to be sucked up by the zombie fish. Reserve and whatever until the AI uses up its action points, swap in and do your thing. You will have to burn one action point to swap, but that’s the only downside


Ok, I guess I will know for next time. I got bored and quit.

Yeah this is a bug that got introduced with the update that included mods, so it’s been there for awhile. It seems to only happen if the AI uses a large attack (7 or 8 I believe). Since you can get past it by swapping, and it’s fairly infrequently that players see it, Ludia doesn’t seem inclined to fix it. As @Andy_wan_kenobi describes, if you recognize it happened before making your next move, you can often use it to your advantage.

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