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Aquatic PvP

Now that the land PvP is so useless between the sad prize wheel and the constant bugs, the only thing I have left now is the aquatic PvPs (also have a bug but at least that doesn’t seem to happen quite as often) but I am just having such a hard time winning these. Just lost BOTH of the only two attempts that give me the Advanced prize wheel which is just so incredibly frustrating.

The problem seems to be with the much more limited classes, the AI virtually always has the ability to swap in dinos with class advantages and the usual strategy of trying to reserve points on my first one fails very frequently (my first loss I could only save 3 points before I got taken out, so never made it to the end with enough points due to my last dino being class disadvantaged, my second one trying to reserve just 1 point got me killed, game over even sooner). I almost always try to use a lineup with one of each class and put my highest health, lowest attack up top, but a lot of times, if I don’t swap there’s no way to win because of these class disadvantages. I’m wondering if using 2 of one class is going to give me a better chance to get through these, or if I just need to not worry about reserving points off the first one so much, because my current way of playing them really doesn’t seem to be working very well.

If the AI immediately swaps in an aquatic that has class advantage over yours, and particularly if you need that class to get rid of one of the other aquatics, how do you handle it?

Basically i sacrifice the 1st aquatic just make sure you do enough defend so it doesn’t die you should be able to get to 7-8R most of the time the 2nd pet don’t do any points in defend do a 4R/4A then the 3rd aquatic pet can easily take out opponents 2 pets no matter the disadvantage just make sure after their 2nd pet dies do enough defend to leave your last aquatic on low health.

i win most of the fights with this strategy

Yeah that’s been the essential strategy I’ve used, but that’s why I lost my first run today. The 2nd and 3rd aquatics both had a LOT of health, and was only able to reserve 3 points off the first, so with the amount I needed to use to take him out, I was only left with 3 reserved for the last one and there was a class advantage over mine, so I couldn’t take him out with what he had blocked me with.

The second run was a mistake on my part, I still sometimes have issues when the AI goes first and the count on his turn is going to be 1 higher than mine. He ALWAYS puts in whatever has a class advantage over me so often have to use all my blocks to even stay alive. But in this situation as well, the most I can get reserved is 3 points, because he’ll go to 4 before me.

I’m sure there must be a way to play these that doesn’t lead to as many losses as I seem to get due to being behind on the classes advantages.

Aquatic pvp is fairly straight forward however it is very different from land/cenozoic pvp. In aquatic pvp the battles will be faster, with class order and switching much more important. With that being said a few setup and battle tips will turn a lot of your losses into wins.

The first thing to nail down is your Dino setup. I highly recommend having one of each aquatic type in your lineup however you can also use the same class for all 3 slots.

If you are using the same class for all 3 slots then strategy is quite simple. You should order your Dino’s from highest hp/lowest attack to lowest hp/highest attack and you will never switch your Dino’s regardless of what your opponent does.

If you are using all 3 aquatic types as I highly recommend you should typically put your highest hp/lowest attack Dino first as you mentioned. However the remaining two Dino’s need to be in order of the advantage wheel. So for example if your first Dino is a cave the next two need to be reef and surface in that order. This ensures that when your opponent switches to a Dino with class advantage and kills your Dino your upcoming Dino will automatically have the advantage against their Dino.

The second thing to master is your early game strategy. The first 3 rounds will decide who wins or loses the battle nearly every time and switching is key. Any time your opponent switches to a Dino with the class advantage you have to counter and switch to your Dino with the class advantage. With the class advantage you can kill most Dino’s in two hits and nearly all in 3 hits. This is very important to remember, round 2 is the most important round as you both have the ability to land 2 or 3 hits.

In round one unless your opponent has the class advantage and can kill you in the first round, which isn’t typical but in that case immediately switch to the advantage, reserve your point. Just as importantly mentally note how many points your opponent has left. Many times the opponent will switch to a Dino with the class advantage with their first move. Remember always counter when the opponent switches.

In round two you are looking to make a kill. If your opponent has switched you counter and switch to advantage with your first point, if you can kill the opponent with your remaining one or two points do it. If you can’t kill your opponent reserve your remaining points.

Round three is dictated entirely by what happened in round two. If you killed an opponents Dino the previous round reserve all of your points. If you did not kill a Dino then counter any switches the opponent has made and kill their Dino assuming you have the points. From this point the win should be quite easy just use the minimum number of attack’s needed to kill your opponent, reserve the rest, and of course always make sure you counter switches.

TLDR: To summarize all of that in a very small nutshell just remember always keep your aquatic Dino’s in the order of the advantage wheel and always counter when your opponent switches to a Dino with the advantage. These two tips alone will allow you to win a lot of battles


Awesome, thanks! That actually describes very much how I do my lineups… in terms of what order to put them in, and following the class wheel. I just have followed the battle method that megalo described which works very well in the land PvP, but does not seem to work as well with the fewer classes in the aquatic one. Also party due to the fact that they just aren’t at as high a level and I don’t have many balanced ones that do well when getting used in different positions… I have great meat shields and great glass cannons, not much in between.

I’ll give your strategy a try and see if I can get the hang of it. Thinking fast on my feet is not something that comes naturally to me!

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When I go second in PVP, I assume my first creature will die quickly. Therefore, my strategy is to just reserve. Most of the time, I make it to round 2 and can get a 4R. Sometimes, I don’t.
If I die in round 2, hopefully, I can kill the AI creature in 2 hits, block 3 and then reserve 4 in round 4. Having my second creature prepped to kill whatever has advantage over my lead off creature is essential. It’s not a perfect strategy, but it works most of the time.


Well was trying a few rounds, first one he put in 3 of the same class, so that was a fairly straightforward match to figure out and won that easily enough.

Was working on my last one, that was more difficult but fairly sure I had it won when I hit the darn bug that throws you out of the game if his turn counts down (if you haven’t hit this yet, it doesn’t even just throw you out of the PvP, it throws you completely out of the game and back to the load screen). So apparently that bug effects at least both of the regular PvP and wouldn’t be surprised if it can happen in the modded ones too. So far that bug has cost me around 40 in DBs since the update came out.

For what it’s worth, I still got my bonus spin on aquatic PVP. I got the time out on my Cenozoic PVP. When a timeout occurs during PVP tournament fighting, it should be like the match never occurred. No winner, no loser, no cooldown.


Yes, aquatic is mostly unchanged in terms of the prize wheel and bonus spin. For now at least.

If the timeout is the one I’ve been hitting, in the past, it would do one of two things, it would timeout the opponent’s turn and you would get a free turn knowing he did not block or reserve. Easy win. Or in some cases, it just conceded the match. Again, the win. If they wanted to take that away, I’d be fine with it doing what you said, remove the cooldown times as well as refund what I paid to play. I am NOT okay with what it’s doing right now, when the timeout is happening on their end (vs. an internet disruption of some kind, or the player purposely trying to quit a match they know they are losing).

I am speculating it has to do with the fact they changed the countdown timer and introduced a glitch unknowingly. They changed the count down timer for the MOD battles and I am wondering now since there are two different lengths of battles in the game the code does not know what to do with the shorter time frame on the standard battles and it encounters a fatal error when it counts to zero but thinking it had more time based on the other battles. Since it cant reconcile the fact that it ran out of time and thought it had more it kicks the game out. Again I am speculating but it only happens on the standard battles to me so far which only has the shorter time frame when compared to the MOD battles.


Oh yeah, that’s a really good guess! I noticed the time in the modded events was longer which definitely is an important adjustment for those, but didn’t make the connection with the bug, but that totally makes sense. And yeah, I haven’t played many mod ones but didn’t encounter it there so definitely makes a lot of sense.

Seem to be hitting that bug a lot less today, haven’t played a whole lot but 5 or 6 matches and didn’t get nailed by it yet. I can deal with it happening once in awhile, as long as it’s not coming up as often as it was yesterday! Still have yet to get any response to the messages I left about it and the other aquatic bug in the support chat in the game though.

Been doing tons of the land PvP and not hitting the bug in that one very often. But have only done a few aquatic PvPs other than my one daily mission one and seem to hit the “death bug” in that one quite frequently. It’s very frustrating since I already find these much harder to do, I am doing a bit better at winning them but if I don’t notice the AI didn’t switch my dead one out, I definitely lose, but even if I notice, I lose a reserve point having to manually switch it which has also cost me the win once! So much as I’d like to do them more for the practice, that bug is just really BUGGING me!

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On the time out bug I heard this from support. Not sure if it will help you on the “death” bug.

I haven’t had the timeout issue happen since the first day of the update so I have not done any of the steps in the response.

Uh no, those are generic ‘game not working’ steps. They would not work for bugs multiple players are reporting. I did though finally get a response that they are aware of ‘the bug’ and working to fix it. Since I reported several though not sure which one they mean.

Yup which is why I didn’t do any of the steps since I haven’t had the problem since reporting.

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I’ve been disconnected a few times today already a couple of times when I’ve been winning easily which makes me wonder if the opponent is closing the game in frustration and causing my game to crash or if its something else causing it.

There’s no real opponent, it’s just the game server you are playing. It appears to just be a bug when the server has a problem responding in time. It’s always happened from time to time but in the past he would just lose his turn, the same as you would if you didn’t respond in time. It definitely is still occurring but is relatively rare but yeah definitely frustrating when you are about to win.

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