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Aquatic Reaearch Focus Badge

Hi everyone, quick question. Does anyone know what to do to complete this badge?

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5 Aquatic hybrid at lv40 ( looks super rare to me )
5 Cenozoic hybrid at lv40 ( looks super rare to me )
5 legendary hybrid at lv40.


I don’t think the Aquatic and Cenozoic badges are related to Rarity. I believe the border is more blue than silver


I wasn’t sure , that’s why i just put it in brackets.

I’m not sure if duplicates will work, but it should, I have 3 ticked off already, xin, lep and geo.

Really getting mega and dunkle to 40 will destroy lineup balance though.

Duplicates have worked for me on some of the other research badges, so I’m pretty sure they’ll work for these aswell


Thanks @Stapesh90, guess I won’t be getting these badges for awhile… I don’t want to mess up my lineup!