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Aquatic Super Hybrid?

Would you like to see an Aquatic Super Hybrid in next update? And which one will it be?

Personally I think that an Aquatic Super Hybrid will be TOO strong compared to the other creatures. First more strong Aquatic Hybrids are necessary.

Please share thoughts!

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I think it like you.

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A super rare one wouldn’t

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Aquatic needs legendary reef hybrid help to be balanced.


Unless it’s a superhybrid for leptostega I would not be interested, we dont need stronger surfaces and caves that’s for sure


Yes that is true

We need reef Hybird

What about Ammocerium
Trunacerium plus ammonite
It will not have tentacles, just a normal Trinacerium with a hard shell all over it’s body

So a Leptostega technically

No, not really

Agree, we need just more regular hybrids for BOTH cenos and aquatics before they should even think about s-hybrids. I’m always baffled at players suggesting more types of super hybrids in general. Unless they were to provide a new way to obtain sDNA it already is problematic that there are often ones that are really hard to get because of them not being included in the modded PvPs or daily missions.

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I’m fine with having more super hybrids (really need an amphibian one actually) but I do agree that more events with sDna do need to be available besides daily missions (which only award 2 types), modded PvP, code 19s (which award one type and have finally changed to Mono), and the Friday pack. While it does sound like a lot of ways, only 2 actually give a Chance for multiple, and one happens on a tournament day. So maybe if another one was added in the middle of the week that could only be played after all the other events have been completed that day, it could be a way to have more sDna available.

Wow what level are you

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Thanks very much lol

Levels dont matter, but I am at 99. You could probably get to level 99 in 6 months if you worked hard. But that wont help you with the game. Take your time, do your missions, build up coin production. Once you get to trade harbor level, things will get easier and you will progress faster. Look for videos on here to help with production questions, multipliers and trade harbor.

The real question is how long have you been playing. Long enough to have unlocked all the dinos. as a non vip, i am missing 3. Several years.

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