Aquatic Superhybrid with Green Goblin

Let me start with intorducing Xinathodon
We will call it Goblin Junior
see the resemblence?

hm…now lets add some of this!

I call it, Banathodon
or maybe Xinanogmius
anyway, First aquatic Superhybrid

Needed: Level 40 Xinathodon
2000 Bananginomius SDNA


Nice idea, or xinathogmius?

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Hey. It will be something that can compete with megarchelon and dunkleosaurus

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Really we need tourney hybrid caves and reefs first though.

Think geosaur and plesiosuchus hybrid would look pretty cool

More ideas
Dunkleosaurus + Megalodon = Megadunkle
Leptostega + Prognathodon = Leptognathostega
Dakoderma + Liopleurodon = Dakopleuroderma
Megarchelon + Plesiosaurus = Plesiochelon
Liosichthodon + Dakosaurus = Dakosichthodon

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Umoonasaurus plus Hyneria Umooneria. 11,546 health 4,567 attack level 40. It needs to be nerfed.

I have 3 arguments to put forth as to why I am not enthralled with this notion

1. Need to first increase the variety of high end aquatic hybrids before considering superhybrids.

Currently the aquatic lineup is dominated by Dunkleosaurus and Megarchelon, which are both Surface dinosaurs at around 18k ferocity. Liosichtodon, the most powerful Cave dinosaur has only 2/3 the ferocity of the previous two. Worst is the Reef dinosaurs, with the two most powerful Henodus and Rhomaleosaurus coming in at 1/2 the ferocity of the two top Surface dinosaurs. As they are VIP dinosaurs, they are extremely difficult to acquire consistently. The next alternative for Reefs would be Umoonasaurus and Leptostega, the former having the longest hatching time of 1 week and the latter being extremely DNA pricey at almost 25k DNA. So I would say, increase the number of aquatic hybrids of similar power levels available in game to Megarchelon and Dunkleosaurus before thinking of creating superhybrids. After all, there were many Jurassic hybrids in the game already before Ludia introduced Jurassic Superhybrids. .

2. By creating a new superhybrid, there would be fewer opportunities for players to amass the other available Jurassic superhybrids, which may be of better use than an aquatic superhybrid.

Ludia only provides Velociraptor S-DNA and 1 other S-DNA at any point in time when claiming missions (which will likely continue into the far future as Velociraptor S-DNA can be used to create not one but TWO of the most S-DNA demanding superhybrids, namely I-raptor Gens 1&2). As of now, there are 5 different S-DNAs that players can obtain to create superhybrids other than Velociraptor S-DNA. By introducing a 6th, Ludia would have to:

a. Increase S-DNA rewards when completing missions (which is highly unlikely) OR

b. Decrease the rotation time of each S-DNA (more likely), thus fewer superhybrids can be created
within one S-DNA rotation, which will impede the player’s progress, as everyone knows how useful Superhybrids are. This leads to my third argument below.

3. Superhybrids have substantially shorter cooldowns compared to their hybrid counterparts, which further unbalance the player’s aquatic bench.

Dunkleosaurus and Liosichtodon have a cooldown of about more than 2 days while Megarchelon has a cooldown of more than 3 days (all at level 40). With the introduction of this new superhybrid, if it is capable of having 18k ferocity, it will only have a cooldown of slightly longer than a day. This means that the player would have to have at least twice (if not thrice) the number of the tournament aquatic hybrids compared to this superhybrid so as to ensure that there will always be at least one usable i.e. 2 Dunkleosaurus is to 1 superhybrid. This problem can already be seen on the Jurassic bench, where Gorgosuchus has a cooldown of more than 3 days (at level 40) compared to Indoraptor (at similar ferocity) which has about half the cooldown time.


Aquatics are almost useless, except that they’re fun to look at and play with. I have very few events every week where I use them.

Agreed, ideally we need 2 more reef tourney hybrids and at least 1 cave tourney hybrid to balance out the classes

Well, for you similar ferocity is 10k more?

No, I mean sub L20 I-raptor Gen 1 so same ferocity at 16-17k