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Aquatic tournament legend for 4100 LPs

Still trying to gauge what a good harbour trade for me is. I’m being offered 4100LP for Gillicus at the TH.

I’m at level 53, just about to get into 54. I bought the VIP membership for 1 month (plus the free week) but don’t plan to renew. I have 5 VIP jurassic creatures (2 pairs and 1 other) and 1 cenozoic vip creature. I was able to get into the 5% tier in the last tournament. My strongest non-VIPs are level 40 super rares and i’m starting to get into building up a few of the basic legendaries and rare or super rare hybrids (just about to unlock a couple).

I find that aquatic and cenozoic creatures have not been very useful at all except for a few missions but I’ve heard that its good to hatch everything for the future. However, I have a Gillicus and a few cenozoic T legends stuffed in my market because I’m not interested in blocking my hatchers for a week for them, right now. I’ve also realized just how awesome VIP creatures are, specially at this early stage.

Given this, I feel that getting 40% of a 10K gold vip pack, which seems to contain only VIP legends seems to me like a great deal for one of my currently useless tournament legends. I am thinking straight on this trade?

In general, would getting rid of these type of cards for that kind of quantity in LPs be a good thing? Should I be concerned that there will be aquatic or cenozoic tournaments at some point where I’ll need them? Would a couple of T legends even make a difference if I don’t have a decent rest of my line up to back it up?

It’s really a personal choice, I usually wanted to save everything I found in the game to eventually hatch but generally tournament creatures that don’t have a hybrid would be ones that I would consider taking a good trade for.

That is a good offer, and like @Mary_Jo said it is a personal choice. I would say that getting 10k packs now will help you overall more than singles of some Aquatic and Cenozoic tournament creatures and even legendaries. Mostly because you have the chance of getting those in the VIP packs. Which will be stronger and have faster cool down times when it comes for using them in tournaments.

Thanks. I ended up missing the trade because I was in a meeting but I think going forward I think I will be giving these types of trades a chance.

Yeah as Chris says, LPs are hugely beneficial in comparison so a pretty good trade to get for something like this one.

The one reason you might want to keep a tournament like this would be if you haven’t hatched one yet… as I know Gillicus is used in at least one of the beacon badges. But if you have it unlocked, it’s easy enough to go back and purchase one if you reach a point in the game where it’s holding you up from completing a beacon level. There’s plenty of other badges to work on in the meantime.

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