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Aquatic Tournament Prep


Was trying to get my aquatics ready for the next tournament by hatching out and leveling up where I could. But should have been paying a bit more attention to the stats, the pair of tourny Tylos I hatched at at Level 1 are about 40% higher on ferocity than anything else I have, even after leveling up some other ones as well (have 2 level 20 Ammonites, deciding whether to leave those as-is or level them up to be closer to the Tylos). I’m finding the reef creatures in particular really hard to find, while I seem to have a ton of surfaces, and frustratingly keep getting more (my win in the event today that gave you an aquatic netted me yet another surface.) Just to taunt me, I even got a reef as an offer in the Trade Harbour, but requires close to 5K of my Loyalty points, and just one card isn’t going to be enough to help me out.

Is it just me, or are the reefs a lot harder to find? I guess I need to play a lot more aquatic PvPs to try and hit cards on the wheel, but I seem to have a great deal more trouble winning with my aquatics, while I can go down the line of my lands and play match after match and seldom lose. I know part of this is due to my just not having nearly the same wide selection of classes to work with.

On a different topic, I’d whined a bit about how the more Advanced prize wheels seem to never give me anything good. Can’t say that any more. Last night was hitting the PvPs again and on a single game, netted TWO gold packs. That makes up for a LOT of sucky gold and food rewards.

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Your not wrong on the lack of really strong reef creatures. Henodus and Rhomaleosaurus are nice, but there is a strong dropoff after that. My current weakness is actually in surfaces. Got to work on that.

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Well I took my own advice and played a bunch of aquatic PvPs and actually did a really good job and won them all. Got a big 400 point Loyalty point reward (doubled to 800 VIP) and some DNA and then finally on the last one won another creature card. Can you guess? Yup, ANOTHER surface. Sigh.

I’m not quite even at the point of collecting “really strong” anything, just would like to at least get to the point where finishing in Predator league doesn’t require having to play from the bottom. This lack of reefs has been a problem for me from the beginning but getting worse the further I get. I used more DNA to level up the highest one I have unlocked (unlocking most of the aquatics at ALL requires pretty high game levels that I haven’t reached yet) and even that isn’t really good enough for me to bother using it vs. just doubling up with the much better fish of other classes. But the AI seems to have no shortage of them. I’m pretty pleased that twice I was able to win with my 2 surfaces and 1 cave against his 2 reefs and 1 cave.


Woohoo, just won another aquatic. Do I even need to tell you what class it was? No, you know already. :smile:


Last round of PvPs for the night, finally on the last win, I got another aquatic. Would you believe, ANOTHER surface?? This is just maddening.


@Mary_Jo: Don’t let it get you down. Don’t sweat where you finish in tournaments. It won’t be long before your hatchery has way more than you can realistically handle. After almost eleven months of playing, I have 214 creature cards waiting to be hatched; if I quit playing right now, I could keep my hatchery busy for a solid two months. My point is to say that you won’t “miss” anything even if you skip the tourney or have very few aquatics. Developers of freemium games make their money by releasing loads of content that only those with insane time or insane money can collect. So don’t let it madden you. Just enjoy the game with what you have. At least, that’s my counsel. It’s probably worth as much as you paid for it. :slight_smile:


I agree with @HanSoloWannaBe, however I have I slightly different approach. I try to hatch as many dinos as I can and use my bucks mainly to speed up hatching time. As a result I have only 14 dinos in my pipeline that are waiting to hatch.


Ive got 2 x Henodus at 20 and a Leptostega at 30 plus a load of surfaces, so my deficit is caves. Got Dakoderma at 29 (scared to 30 it in case it increases difficulty) now but I’ve got a big hole until my next cave which is the 9th creature


@HanSoloWannaBe - Oh I’m definitely not taking it quite as seriously as it might seem. And I already DO have a big backlog of stuff to hatch out… right now I am earning new ones much faster than it takes to hatch them out. I don’t win or earn DBs enough to use speedups for them… and in some cases the dinos I have card pending for are so much better than what I currently have I don’t want to hatch them yet regardless (such as my Mosasaurus).

But I have figured out that I have a much better chance of finishing higher in these tournaments using non-land dinos as so many more other players don’t have huge high level line-ups, so just would like to take advantage of that before we go back to the regular ones. But I know there’s only so much I can do in a short time and having limited funds. Aquatics are tough since there are no commons or rares, so even the ones I have unlocked are very expensive to purchase if you are still new and not netting a ton of DNA every day to spend. My cheapest one is 1500 DNA, which is a lot when your DNA stash rarely has been more than 5 or 6 K. Even still, when I’ve felt I had some funds to spare, and aquatics go on sale, I have tried to put some funds into trying to fill up these holes. My level 30 Protostega, my highest reef, is the one that I’ve spent DNA to get up that high. Everything else is only what I’ve been able to find in the game. Just not sure it’s going to be worth my spending close to 8K to get it up to level 40, even if I do collect that much. That’s a lot of time hacking away at the next boss!

Mostly it’s just that all-too-human frustration when you want and really work hard for something and it seems like the world is conspiring against you in getting it! Since last posting this, I won ANOTHER surface, and then I decided to roll the dice at the trading post and try offering up loyalty points in trade for an aquatic, and would you believe I got THREE straight trade offers for surfaces!! Aggh! And then the lottery yesterday too, which had a nice reef for the top prize… yes, odds are low of winning, but I’ve won twice before, but of course, not this time. I stopped counting how many times the prize wheel has looked like it was going to land on a reef (or pack) and then just slowwwwlllly kept going to hit the gold or food next to it. Since we know the winning item is determined before you even spin I can’t help but feel the designers do this JUST to torture me.

But finally, finally, finally today I DID get a prize wheel spin that netted me a reef super rare… just not one of the better ones so is not going to help me out in the tournament at all even if I could afford to level it up and it was unlocked to do so. But it will help in the other area that this issue has been frustrating me which is being able to do PvPs with my aquatics and having enough to be able to use one from each class that are reasonably closely matched. I’m sure this is a big part of why I’ve had a lot more issue winning out of this area (although I seem to be doing MUCH better during this marathon of PvP’ing, probably because I’m really trying hard to win and paying really close attention to what I’m doing). Not sure if it’s just me either, but the aquatics seem to have a lot where the health and attack are not real well balanced, so a lot of time my highest attack gets taken out with one or two attack points. Makes it really easy to lose if you get a bad lineup. So while yes, the incentive for this was originally to try and improve my lineup choices for the tournament, it is also just a desire to be able to regularly play PvPs with my aquatics and feel confident that I can win them. I’m definitely getting there but having 2/3 of your choices from one class is not very conducive to this.

@NatoPMT - yes, I could definitely stand to have more caves as well but my very first Legendary to find was Ammonite, and that one seems to come up a lot as I have found FIVE of them in total, right now I have a pair at level 20, debating whether to level them up to a 30, as their ferocity is still well below my level 1 Tylos, but right now I think I get more benefit from having two of them vs one that is higher level, since I have the pair of Tylos that gives me two matches instead of just one. I just wish I had a pair of reefs to go along with them, I have gotten my best one, the Protostega up to level 30 but it’s stills something like 1000 ferocity vs. 1700 for the Tylo. But the health on the Tylo’s is very low compared to its attack while the Ammonite is the exact opposite, so doubling up on either of those I have not found to be a very successful strategy no matter what I get paired up with. I do also have a level 20 Baculites as well so do definitely have a few decent caves…once I get into my lower levels though, the preponderance of surfaces becomes even more obvious.


Sigh, another reason I was hitting the PvPs so hard is that it often lets me save up enough loyalty points to get a gold loyalty pack which right now, has a pretty good percentage of getting an aquatic. Got a gold pack from a PvP, which gave me enough points to get the gold rewards and I could see from what was peeking out that I did get an aquatic! Only to find out it was ANOTHER Tylosaurus!! Could not have picked any card that I need LESS right now.

And then there’s days like today where I can’t seem to win a match to save my life. Loss after stupid loss after stupid loss… I think it’s the smaller number of classes in aquatics that is killing me so often, the AI at least 3/4 of the time starts with an advantage over me and when he doesn’t, he immediately swaps one in that does. If I try to swap, more often than not his two hits is enough to take mine out anyway. So I end up almost all the time playing from behind.

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When I am facing an opponent that is much stronger as I am I do not try to swap to even the odds. In those cases I use my first dino as canon fodder, trying to survive as long as possible giving the other two fighters an advantage in reserve points.
With this tactic I was able to win some (not all) battles where I was massive overpowered by me opponent.


And how do you “survive as long as possible”? I guess that’s the part I’m not quite understanding how to do consistently. If you’re blocking their attack to survive, how do you pass on reserve points? Or do you block until you get up to the 4 point level and then reserve and let them take you out at that point?

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Exactly, the first dino should not be too weak. You must find a suitable combination of block and reserve until your first dino can give 4 reserve points to the next one. Your first opponent should not be able to blast you away with one shot, in that case your odds are bad.
Let’s assume he can ‘kill’ you with two attacks. If you can start you block, then you hope that he attacks you twice. Next round you block two and hope he attacks you twice again. Try to continue until you can give 4 reserves to the next one. If your opponent does not behave that way you can take the risk and hope that he does not use all his attack points. If he is so mean to collect so much reserve that he can finish your first dino, no matters what you do, you must give up the first one and pass all points as reserve to the next one. In those cases your odds are not the best.
If you are able to pass 4 reserve points to the next one, use for the second dino so many reserve points as necessary so that there is no chance for your opponent to take the second one out in the next round, but hope that he tries to.
There is a lot of hope and assumption in this strategy, it is not going to work always.

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Okay, yeah that’s what I figured and the strategy that does seem to be the most successful for me. But yeah, not always. I just don’t have all that many good aquatics so have to dip into these level 10 super rares that just don’t have a ton of health, even when I put the best one first, it’s a crapshoot. Just had a game where his best dino was in the first spot and had the class advantage and it took me out before I even got a turn. I didn’t even bother to finish that one, it was over before I even got a chance.

My other problem is I really haven’t learned to do the math in my head to figure out when I can get a kill shot. I really hate that you can’t change your selections if you realized you calculated wrong, but when it’s a close call, I far too often leave him with just a smidgen of health because I thought I had enough to finish him off when I didn’t. Or I just lose count of the points. (Thus my comment about stupid losses).

I have started to figure out some of the patterns, such as when I know the AI is going to block (early moves often have blocks and leftover points from a kill shot seem to always go to a block for the next move), and when all his points go to reserve (seems to be a strong tendency to do this on the last dino, leaving me an easy path to the win).


In time you will learn the math without even thinking about it.


Well… that may be but probably will take a good amount of time. At least I get it right now more often than not. It’s only when it’s close that I don’t always guess right… but I’m comforted by the fact that the AI seems to also get it wrong sometimes and leave ME alive with just a few health points left. If the computer can’t get it right, I can’t expect that I always will, LOL!

I do know too that when I’m getting really frustrated by a string of losses to switch to the regular land matchups which at this point I rarely lose since I have so many more dinosaurs to play with at higher levels where they aren’t going to get killed quickly. And those do keep paying off… just nailed another Gold pack and T-Rex last night. Just need one more to have enough for a level-40! Not that I would make her right away, having two level 30’s would be worth enjoying for some time.