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Aquatic update, realistically

Ok, I really, really want an aquatic update. However I’d like to look at it in a way that could actually, reasonably happen without Ludia having to redesign the whole battle arena and stuff.

GETTING THE DNA of the creatures would probably be done mainly by darting (of course also by strike towers, tourneys, incubators, etc.). I assume aquatics would spawn in puddles generated on the map, since if they were to spawn in actual bodies of water it would be unfair and possibly dangerous for players.

BATTLEING is the thing I have the most trouble with. Yes, aquatics could be used in specific strike towers or tournaments, but not being able to use them in actual pvp arena would make them not as useful as all other creatures. There are two options I can think of for aquatics in pvp (together with land creatures in the team) but none completly satisfy me. I’d love to hear some suggestions!
Possibilities I can think of:

  1. Aquatics spawn in a puddle in battle (that would look weird)
  2. There is a specific arena for when you or your opponent draw at least one aquatic so that a terrestial creatures can stand on a shore and the aquatic in water, or both terrestial on shore, or both aquatics in water (That would take away from the arena progression. I REALLY can’t imagine Ludia redesigning EVERY SINGLE battle arena jut for aquatics)

RAIDS could be perhaps suit aquatics more, since there’s the lagoon right next to it? I imagine it would take some computer programming stuff magic but I think it’s possible.

Now here are just a few examples of aquatics. I wouldn’t expect more than 7 non-hybrids in one update and I wouldn’t expect more than three new animations in one update.


Like I said, I’d love to hear some more ideas, especially about battleing.

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Doing it the Ludia way:
Just fill all arenas with water and throw the land dinos in.


I actually like the concept! However, it still seems really odd for aquatic creatures to fight alongside or against land creatures. The most fitting thing to do is to make special arenas for the aquatic roster, though this would essentially be rebuilding the game. That may be why they haven’t made an aquatic update yet, as realistically, it’s not that easy to pull off without breaking some features or making things look really odd.


I think aquatic creatures could spawn on the map normally. But as with JWtG, we need an aquatic only Arena for them to work. It works well in that game so why not with JWA?


I used to play jwtg for a long time and I feel like aquatics were kinda useless.

But actually, thinking more about it,it seems the best way to deal with them, especially with JWA’s strike towers and tournaments


I don’t know about useless but having them as a separate Arena made sense to me.

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I really love the hybrids you have created! Check out my topic, the Jurassic World Alive Aquatic Update

Love the design

I dont prefer them not being in water either but it is funny we never really see much complaining all these years when you see it in Pokemon or the like. All those fight in Arenas and sure sometimes Arenas have had deep waters, but why not just have every Arena have a few holes in the floor with water underneath or just have them sit there looking stupid on land like other games? It happens. I’d rather use them than not.

Yeah, that’s my main issue with it – if they did separate arenas for water creatures, they’d have to add a lot of creatures so that everyone could have a varied team of 8. They’d also have to add a bunch more effects and lights and models for the creatures and the environment, which would raise the size of the game considerably.

Yeah. It could be done in JWTG because it wasn’t also processing GPS locations and handling spawning. There was also only one arena for aquatic creatures and two for terrestrial creatures, and aquatic creatures weren’t combined with terrestrials. If they had one arena, similar to the tournaments, combat could be feasible, but people would grow tired of it quickly.

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Maybe aquatic creatures act like a support dino that can do minor things such as granting a 10% attack buff or one big attack where they lash out after a set amount of turns or attacks