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Aquatic Update when⁉️

Okay this game has gotten a sloth.How come a sloth comes before a mosasaurus? Y’all better make a aquatic update or imma throw some hands :triumph::interrobang:

Calm down first. It might arrived in the future. I don’t know. They just don’t have planned for it


Ludia be like:4g25r6


Fr😂 No one asked for a sloth

At least the sloth lives on land, and they’ve had cenozoics for a while. For aquatics, they would probably need to create a unique DNA collection system and probably a new set of aquatic arenas too.


If anything we’ll likely see aquatics in a JWA 2/Rebooted, if at all

All we’re missing right now is a cave bear, and a dire wolf, and we’ll be all good for Cenozoics.


I’d like to see Woolly Mammoth get some elephant friends

Yeah. Like Anancus, Deinotherium, Gomphotherium, Platybelodon, and Amebelodon

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It’s just easier to make a sloth but in the pyri raid, there was a megalodon shop that wasn’t there in the movie. It could be foreshadowing

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I just hope they had more dinosaurs and not these other prehistoric creatures.

Nah, they’re ludia. Gotta think like ludia. They’ll just add a puddle to them like the yellow thing on epic. The hard part will be the arena. They’ll need to add a water section that they can come out of every arena. I think a lot of aquatics will have sap ins and swap out moves. Cuz they can just jump in and swim away.

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I don’t know about arena, but for darting it would be cool if they added a new neighborhood zone that specifically spawned aquatics (and only aquatics). So it would look like you were underwater, even if you didn’t have any real water nearby.

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It would be awesome to have some carchodontosaurs in the game like giga, mapusaurus and carcharodontosaurus.

Nerf Mosasaurus, pls, Ludia! It is so unbalanced and broken

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Hey hey hey those sloths were the kings of the meta back in the last ice age patch you can see the full tier list here


Lol love tierzoo!

And hey, those sloths may be as close to an aquatic update as we get, since many of them were excellent swimmers, and some even grazed in the ocean.


Lol Mosasaurus is broken! It’s walking on LAND!!!

It’s freaking flying ludia… this has gone to far!

Maybe update 5. 0 or 10. 0 or never