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Aquatic Wave Help

So any tips on how to get through these? Bad enough to have to get through one, but I’m not sure it’s even worth doing when you have to complete THREE! If it cost me DBs to try, I don’t think I even would, but with it just costing gold, I figure I might as well try, but lost my first attempt (came fairly close, but still only killed off 8 before they took me out).

Do you use one of each class and try to switch in to get a class advantage? Any suggestions appreciated!

Just tried again, did even worse. This is definitely the WORST event I’ve seen since I started playing. It’s like having to win three gyrospheres, only your opponents are as good as your three are. I guess part of my question is whether most of you even play this one. I’ve never skipped a battle event before but this one just really sucks.

I tend to lead with a high health creature in order to get as many reserves as possible. Something a little more balanced in the middle, and then a sweeper (a glass cannon with loads of attack) It’s nice to use three different types, but i don’t find it essential.

Well, that’s a typical strategy when up against 3 opponents, but that doesn’t really tell me how to get through defeating 3 times as many.

What does your aquatic lineup look like? VIP creatures like Orthacanthus or Tylosaurus really help. I recently evolved my Ortha to 20 and it did the first wave by itself.

From my memory, the opponents don’t really change strength much as you level up. So these stampede/wave events are definitely something that gets easier as your lineup gets more powerful.

My basic strategy is to use my three best in each category, although you’ve got to be careful with glass cannons. When you have an advantage, sacrifice some hits, if you can, to build up reserve. Make them exhaust their action points against your shields. You probably won’t get clean attacks, but with patience, you can get situations where the AI only has one block. If the next creature is strong against your current creature, you may consider switching before you attack if you can kill the opponent without emptying your reserve. You may have to attack piecemeal to protect yourself. The AI will never switch

I can try to post a screenshot later, but I’ve not leveled stuff up as much as I could yet, preferring to try and keep more depth so I have multiple options instead of just one high-powered lineup. Also have a lot of pending aquatic stuff to hatch out that I’ve been able to accumulate but that will take some time to get to.

So I do have two Tylos, but I left them at level 1 since they are the highest ferocity in my lineup. Typical glass cannons. They are followed by a pair of level 20 Ammonites (these are my high health lead-offs), and then I have a pair of Mosasaurs (level 6 and 5) which I guess are more balanced. So 4 of my top 6 are surfaces. Then my pair of reefs that are a bit lower down the ferocity scale.

I could level up the Ammonites and the Tylos, I just have been trying not to do that until I have some more reefs. And I would assume the opponents you get would be somewhat matched to whatever level you are currently at, as most PvEs are.

Ah if that’s the case and it’s the same level of creatures for everyone, that would explain why it’s so much harder for me than those of you with level 20 VIPs, etc. I may just have to pass on this one then. I assume I don’t HAVE to do it for the Clash of Titans unlock.

And remember, unless it’s an unlock event, there’s no need to get frustrated, especially this early in the Clash of Titans.

In the words of Kenny Rogers, “You’ve got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. No when to run.”


I’d suggest leading with the Ammonite, then Mosasaurus, and finally Tylosaurus. I have the same reef problem but managed to win with one cave and two surfaces.
Edit: One final thing, it’s a PvE event, so you can do the “exiting trick” if you really want that Golden pack. But it’s by no means an essential event. You’ll have plenty more chances to unlock Clash.

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I’m thru with 2 rounds already, saving the 3rd for this evening to get a pack opened for the daily tasks. Facing 9 sounds intimidating, but they’re not terribly strong. A mixture of all 3 kinds is best if you have decent ones in all 3. Healthwise, use those with decent numbers, which could mean an 859 surface or a 2446 surface (first from my daughter’s game, the latter from mine). Maybe even that was overkill, coz I recall KOing all 9 without even losing a single fish. Basically, stay calm.

Okay thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’m not sure it’s worth my time but with it just costing gold and there not being anything else going on, it’s not like it will hurt me to keep trying. I just don’t think that any of my best aquatics have enough health to survive through to the end on this, not when my opponents only need 1 or 2 hits to take them out when they get a class advantage on me.

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@DinoStan - none of my surfaces have that much health. A level 1 Tylo is 518 health. The level 6 mosa is 707. Even my Ammonite is only 924. So you can see the problem here. I’m still a very new player after all! So sounds like this event is just not designed for those of us that haven’t leveled up a good number of aquatics yet.

And just saw that next week they have an unlock event for a nice reef aquatic. That’s kind of what I’m been waiting to get in order to level some more stuff up! I actually have TWO more tylos I could hatch out to make two level 20’s and a Orthacanthus as well, along with 2 other legendaries (more surfaces) but only just this week finally found my first reef legendary, just was kind of sitting on all these as I figured we wouldn’t seeing another aquatic tournament any time real soon. Didn’t figure on an event that depended on you having leveled up better stuff too!

@Kiarash_Bahar - tried that lineup, by far my worst result yet. This is really just pointless, I have to perfectly guess whatever the opponent is going to do to even have a shot, and that’s hard enough on a single battle, to do that through NINE is just not reasonable to expect, so I’m giving up at this point, this event is just clearly not meant for anyone that hasn’t been playing for a significant amount of time. Ironic that I can do more in a tournament than in this stupid little one-off event. It frustrates me a bit as it’s the first event since I started this game that I have not been able to complete (let alone not even be able to get past the first step!) Really bad design on the part of Ludia putting this in there, and hope it doesn’t show up again anytime soon.

My early experiences were so traumatic I still hate them, even though they are MUCH easier now.

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I’m just glad it hasn’t shown up before now, so I know that it’s a rarity and that most events are not designed to be impossible for newer players to compete in. But yeah, I will probably feel the same way anytime I see them again. A game is supposed to be fun. Challenging is fun… losing over and over because something is unreasonably difficult is NOT. It’s the same issue as those whose PvEs are screwed up due to the over-emphasis on the top dinos.

Tylo isn’t built to be a good lead off, rather a pinch hitter you send in to knock off probably some cave dino or perhaps a surface.

Sorry to hear it, but the event is quite rare and not at all common. You lose nothing by skipping it.

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I’m not using Tylo as a leadoff. I always use Ammonite as my leadoff, but for this event it really doesn’t matter much, as none of my top have enough health to get through this. I realize my first attempt where I got through 8 was actually an amazing accomplishment, as I’ve not gotten close to that again.