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Aquatics (need a different title)

Aquatics (I know I know cenozoics and dinos would need a lot of touching up before they get added)

Instead of pulling a Pokémon and have the aquatics float in the air, there would be a separate map which could be swapped back and forth (no cost) with a button one the side of the screen. Cenozoics and dinos would be on the land map and aquatics would be on the other. Aquatics would have spawn cycles like land creatures.

Not much to it, just a separate arena/campaign for aquatics. Incubator spots open up to 6.

  • Type A sharks (Leptostyrax, Ptychodus, Megalodon
  • Type B sharks (Helicoprion, Cretoxyrhina, Edestus)
  • Mosasaurs (Prognathodon, Dakosaurus, Mosasaurus)
  • Plesiosaurs (Plesiosaurus, Mauisaurus, Elasmosaurus)
  • Type A fish (Mawsonia, Leedsichthys, Dunkleosteus)
  • Type B fish (Rhizodus, Bananogmius, Xiphactinus)
  • Type A cetaceans (Zygophyseter, Squalodon, Livyatan)
  • Type B cetaceans (Dorudon, Macrodelphinus, Basilosaurus)
  • Compact plesiosaurs (Leptocleidus, Trinacromerum, Dolichorhynchops)
  • Turtles (Protostega, Stupendemys, Archelon)
  • Pliosaurs (Pliosaurus, Kronosaurus, Liopluerodon)
  • Compact ichthyosaurs (Ichthyosaurus, Malawania, Excalibosaurus)
  • Titan ichthyosaurs (Shonisaurus, Himalayasaurus, Shastasaurus)
  • Type A squids (Cameroceras, Titanites, Megateuthis)

Improbable aquatics (things that should but probably won’t be added for various reasons)

  • Serpents (Palaeophis, Chlamydoselachus, Stratodus)
  • Weaponized fish (Protosphyraena, Onchopristis, Xiphiorhynchus)
  • Round fish (Megalampris, Megapiranha, Balistes)
  • Squids type B (Enchoteuthis, Haboroteuthis, Tusoteuthis)
  • Pinnipeds (Allodesmus, Pelagiarctos, Pontolis)
  • Otters (Siamogale, Enhydriodon, Megalenhydris)

Amphibious creatures
Crocodiles (not posto kapro etc), Salamanders, and Otters would be able to both spawn on the land map and the water map, as well as being able to be placed on both teams (with new motions but same anims).


Balistes and chlamydoselachus are both modern genuses but within each genus there’s a gargantuan species (larger than modern day ones)