Aquilamimus Buff

Everyones so focused on Poukan and Venator, but Aquilamimus needs an HP buff too
Aquila stats:

poukan stats

Aquilamimus has 100 more hp than the worst unique in the game.
lets compare it with monomemeus and prorath

and now comparing it with its parents

Galli beats it in atk and eagle beats it in hp
its weak. Buff it


Maybe immunity to deceleration and pin. Make it unique among the epic speedsters


I agree. Aquilamimus is probably my fav speedster.

it should also have stun and distract immunity


for sure. That was the main problem for me in the tournaments.

She is totally cunning, she cannot have total resistance to deceleration, at most 75?



I believe it needs more resistance, life and damage.

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Brontolasmus vs aquilamomus will have the same outcome, as will nodopato and amargoceph and sarco

I believe that Ludia wanted to improve this creature and did not see another alternative unless to give immunity to deceleration. I hope they remove or decrease to 75% at least.

There are other ways, but I want it to stand apart. We have velosrachos, the creature with 2 rampages, we have the swapper gamma, and we have the distractor, staller, and nullifier procerath. But then there’s this, which is too generic. Immunity to deceleration would set it apart from the rest


Maybe it would not be bad, the problem would be that it would win any resilient without high armor, HP and shields.

Not really. The damage it has isn’t that great, so it’s more of a “come in on a weakened resilient” kinda creature. It won’t win H2H, but it also won’t suck either

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so the rat, the rampager, and the over-all awesome gamma. and then we have aquila

Exactly. Giving it immunity to deceleration will give it a nice niche

Firstly, don’t compare it to Monomimus who’s intended to be better.
Secondary, neither stun nor decel resistance is cunning. Aquila is a pure cunning creature and shouldn’t have any of these. Think of something else, like a massive damage buff.


download - 2021-01-07T004522.317
I think something like this would be appropriate, this thing has a decent kit but the stats are just horrible


Counter argument:

One is 102 speed and while it can boost its speed usually against a resilient it won’t be able to. It’s cunning but it sacrifices speed for camouflage so really the decel resistance doesn’t help unless the resilient in question doesn’t use a resilient move but rather decel

Although considering if it stays the same stats and nothing else is changed besides that I think it be fine

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You could add rend resistance, add a cleanse to its basic move (to help it against Thyla) and then change Distracting Impact to Thwarting Impact (not Revenge, mind you) and give it 131 speed.
Oh, and also Swap-in Dodge.

It might not need all of those things, but it could totally use swap-in Dodge and 131 speed.

It could also use 100 more hp so it doesn’t get obliterated by gamma.

I agree with these