Aquilamimus Buff

Even if the hp changes to like 3030, the result for aquilamimus vs brontolasmus or amargoceph will still have the same end result

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What’s the difference between thwarting impact and distracting impact?
My rework is s pretty simple honestly, but i do like the Idea of swap in dodge and 131 speed. Those dinos be needing some flavor

1-turn cooldown vs 2-turn cooldown presumably

Oh i see

My question is also why don’t the rest of the things with distracting impact get thwarting impact cause like there is no difference between them. Like why does one get a 1 turn cool down and the other a two turn cool down? At least with debilitating distraction there is longer cool down due to the amount of damage it reduces. I mean considering RTI does 2x damage shouldn’t it also have 2 turn cool down?

This just kinda shows how Ludia just really favors some dinos and just leaves others as the middle child.

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One is stronger than the other, so there is a difference.

Revenge moves never have longer cooldowns on revenge than without. It could be given a longer cooldown, but it doesn’t not make sense the way it is.

Some moves are just better than others. DSR is better than APR, for example.

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Careful there, they might give revenge thwarting impact an extra cooldown :eyes:

Hey we do want equality no :joy:

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But some are more equal than others
I’m not saying more or else i might get banned lol


True but that’s two different moves that clearly have different purpose but also consider defense shattering and fierce moves. Thwarting and distracting have literally no difference except cool down and revenge option. The names could just be switched to revenge distracting impact change the cool down to 2 and boom really no problem and that way you could add to more cunning creatures plus it help with revenge killings you know the thing revenge is kinda supposed to do :joy:

Really? How so? DSR is just APR with the ability to destroy shields.

Also, there’s Distraction and Cunning Strike, Distracting Strike and Distracting Impact, Rampage and Revenge Rampage, DSR and Revenge SR, Group Decel Strike, Impact and Rampage, and probably many more.

Lol true but still it’s just very odd for me especially that they don’t even have different multiples

I think a lot of mediocre Cunnings should get Thwarting Impact (again, not revenge, but Pyrritator could probably do with RTI) instead of Distracting Impact. Some deserve the longer cooldown (Monolometrodon, for example) but others don’t.

Revenge instant ferocity: ahem

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:face_with_monocle: You were saying?

huh. i guess they changed it.

It desperatly need more attack more than health