AR and glitches in jurassic world alive


I own an android device, so the game doesn’t have AR. I wish not only ios users could have that feature, but everyone else too. Secondly, there is a glitch, I believe, that sometimes, while getting dino dna, the circle that indicates the dart gun aiming thing suddently just flies away in a direction, and not only I have to waste a dart so I can recontrol the dart gun, but I also have to find the running dinosaur. Plus, precious moments of my battery (over half of it) go to waste and it is very annoing, especially when getting epics. This glitch happens to me over and over again, so please fix it.


AR is definitely supported for Androids! You’ll want to check here to see if your device is supported:

As for your other issue, you’ll definitely want to contact support at They’ll want as much info as possible regarding that.