AR Android


I Have a Lg V20 with Android 7.0

Why can’t use AR ? Or in a future was released?

Augmented reality option
AR function for Huawei device

Works perfectly fine on my Nokia 6.1 ^^
Maybe android version? Idk mine has 8.1

I had to install ‘ARCore from Google’ in order for it to run.


You need install ARCode to see the AR option?


It gave me the option to install it in order for it to work when i clicked on the AR button so yes you do!


Yes, now the option is enabled but when clicked the game crashed :frowning:


I my case i never see the AR button (i know where is), and dont find the APK on playstore of ARCORE. Maybe is for the model of mi phone Oukitel K10000 that no support it


My phone is not compatible with ARcore
Only V30 and v30+, etc


I found this


Hey guys, even though your OS meets the game’s requirements, it’s important to check whether your device supports AR. Check out our FAQ page,, to verify whether or not your device supports AR.


So, the only solution is to buy other phone?


I actually have an idea for unsupported devices. There’s another game called Fishing Strike by Netmarble that uses AR+, an AR technology based on the phone’s gyroscope. So you can turn around while the dino is in one point. AR+ is supported for older and ARCore unsupported devices and Android versions 4.4 to 8.0. My device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, which is out of the ARCore’s support range, but able to use AR+

How does AR+ works in Fishing Strike:


Hello. I want to ask when augmented reality will be realeased to other devices too. I have Xiaomi MiA1 and i cannot have augmented reality. If anyone know please help.


Tech dept, why no AR function for huawei device.
please update


ANSWERS! :raising_hand_man:t3:



I have Samsung Galaxy note 5. Do I need to download ARCORE for augmented reality to work, or will there be an update?