AR - how does it work?


How does this work? Got an iphone8 and all i get so far is blue background/area/drone use. (I havent walked about yet


First you click on a dinosaur you caught.

Theb you click on this round button which says AR. It should auto-install some app which allows you to use AR; if you don’t have it yet already. For android it uses ARCore.

Once thats done you’ll be in camera mode and can either take a picture or make a video once the bar is green; afterwards the bar is blue and explains you what to do.

If you got this far you can actually make splendid velociraptor head pictures while watching jurassic park lol.

If this doesn’t work your device might (not yet?) Not be compatible with the AR function or something went wrong. Fyi im using the Nokia 6.1 (2018 4gb ram edition); so far no real issues other then game bugs. You can always try to reinstall the game or the AR app; not sure how it works on apple devices. It might just not work yet on apple devices, idk.