AR improvement Idea


I have an idea to GREATLY improve the AR quality of the game, and although it would take a few new animation and some coding, I think would benefit the game greatly. One of the main reasons I left Pokémon go was because of its lack of AR and good AR usage. The AR in this game is beautiful, I love looking at all my dinosaurs. Now, one way the brain decides what’s real and what’s not is by using shadows. While the dinosaurs do have shadows and shadowing they rarely match the lighting in the area I’m using the AR. This creates a poor effect. Maybe if before users place the dinosaur you have them choose which side (up, left, right) the light is mainly coming from or no shadow to help improve the effect. I’ve seen this effect in CSR Racing which lets you view your car in AR and it does come off as fairly realistic. It’s quite some work but if you put a team on it, I’m sure the AR quality would improve 1000 X


Great, but just need to increase android devices allowed to use AR before that.


That’s a good place to start :joy: