AR not working anymore on LG G6 Android 8.0


AR is not working anymore on LG G6, with Android 8.0
Version 1.3.16

Tried fresh install and two different LG G6

Just black screen and crashes the game


Hey Dariophosaurio, try rebooting your device and then relaunching the game and see if that works. Also, make sure that AR Core is installed on your compatible Android device to allow the AR feature to be used, there is more information on our FAQ here:
If you’re still having issues, contact our support team here at with your support key.


I will try to contact the support team.
I have installed the AR core, its just that the feature stopped working since last update.
I rebooted the phone and I enen reinstalled ARcore and JWAlive.
My girlfriend has the same phone model as me and it happens the same on her phone
Other AR apps keeps working