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AR not working on compatible Android phone

Bug Description: AR not working for JWA on compatible Android device

Area is was found in: Clicking on the AR button in creature description

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Look at a creature page
Step 2 - Click on the AR button and it brings up AR Core description page from the Play Store
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: All the time

What type of device are you using: Google Pixel 2 with Android 11

Anything else? Screenshot:
This used to work, I am not sure during which update it stopped.
AR works well with other applications or games that use it, only JWA shows this fault.

Hey Tulsey, do you have AR Core installed on your device?

I am also having the same issue! I’ve Uninstalled ARcore and had the app try and install it. And after it was installed I still have the pop-up. I’m using the galaxy s21 ultra also on Android 11 Screenshot_20210129-200659_Google Play Store|225x500

Hey there, Douglie007. Our team is currently looking into this issue, and they’re hoping to have it fixed in the upcoming update.

Yes, that is why it works with other apps and games, just not JWA