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AR not working with Galaxy s20+

The AR on my phone refuses to work for this game. Other games that use the Google services AR work just fine but this one keeps taking me to the Google play store and asks me to install the program. It’s already installed and up to date. I use a Samsung Galaxy s20+ with the latest updates. It works on my iPad but not on my android. Apparently there are many people with the same issue. Is there something we can do about this? Thanks!

I have the exact same problem. AR is not compatible with certain phones😒

This phone used to work fine last summer. In fact, I have videos using the AR system. Suddenly it simply stopped working. The phone I have should be just fine. It’s a galaxy s20+ and only a year old or so. Many others I’ve spoken to with newer phones are experiencing the same issue.

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Thanks for reporting the issue to us, Deluxe! This is an issue our team is aware of, and they’re currently working on a fix for it.


@Ned I play on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and when I use AR mode for a short moment the game crashes, why is that happening???

I’m not really sure what’s causing the game to crash on your device, GhastBusters. If you have any background apps opened on your device while you’re playing the game, it might help free up memory by closing them.

If you contact our support team here at, our team would be happy to take a closer look and provide some further troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

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I played 2 other AR related games (Minecraft Earth and FNAF AR) and they had no issues loading AR, it’s just JWA that has trouble. :thinking:

I appreciate the response. Thanks! Now I know I’m not going crazy lol

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