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AR observation mode and classes


Hey guys! I’m totally in love with the game, and as a dino lover, I wonder: would it be possible to add a way to use AR to observe the dino “in the wild”, and maybe record videos to share? It would make me cry manly tears :sob:
I was also thinking, as others pointed out, that we could tinker with our drones to give them some special skills, so why not allow players to choose classes? Like Hunter, with darts that don’t make the dino go faster when getting a perfect hit, or Scout, which allows for the drone to go further or move more accurately? Geneticist, getting more DNA? Corporate, getting a small amount of cash for every evolution? It would be also cool if different classes would be able to see specific dinos more often, but that would be good only with trade capabilities. What do you think? :muscle:t2: