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AR option seems to have disappeared


AR was working on the game, option now not showing in the Dino screens it’s just gone. iPhone 6 any ideas


Hey there, Sarah_Clarke, I’m sorry to hear that the AR option has disappeared from your game. I’m not sure what the reason for this would be, so if you could please contact our support team at then we would gladly help you troubleshoot this.


Having the same issue I think.


Pics from iPhone 6 without camera :camera: iPad has option therefore AR button available and works fine. Can’t change of camera settings or settings in the game. Both on same app update


Looks like iPhone 6 just too old to play with AR but my iPad Pro still can


My phone didn’t have the option for ar, but about 6 hours ago it suddenly popped up, couldn’t click it though. I thought restarting it would activate it, but after closing the app and re opening, AR option was gone again.