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AR pets

Geminititan Close up!

(Ngl, it’s eyes look GORGEOUS up close!)



(Also, for some reason only ONE of the compies does the animation in AR instead of all three. It’s not a huge problem, but I just figured I’d point that out @moderators)

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T rex!


Lol the t.rex looks at you like : hi i’m back how you doing? And then: AND GIVE ME FOOD!!! lol

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Close to Scorpious a bit

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Who knows to put AR on a phone that doesn’t support AR

Edit: I have AR now

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This text will be blurred

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It reminds me of the scene in Jurassic park when Rexy attacked the car

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I think the animation is supposed to be like that. There is also a part where the t rex throws back its head and roars which reminds me of the end scene when the banner floats down and rexy roars.


Screenshot_20210523-192531_JW Alive

Got 3 little compy’s on my legs… help, no they are friendly one… and they just said they are friends with blue and the others ( and indoraptor/rex) but how?? Just dont ask me lol haha :slight_smile:


Testa close up! :deer:

(he be judgin somethin :thinking:)

Hahahahaha he looks like, get away i want to rest, or stay but give me food hahaha lol

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How did you get AR? And what phone type?

What does that mean you keep saying that and I don’t know what it means

there’s a little limit on the forums that says posts must be more than 10 characters, and when you just select blur spoiler while highlighting nothing that’s automatically blurred

That is why you will see lots of messages with “10” or “10 characters” at the bottom.

Can you guys do an AR picture of myself? thanks

I can @Alloraptor

There you go, alloraptor :slight_smile:

Screenshot_20210525-213123_JW Alive

looks nice here, like saying hello haha lol

:slight_smile: ( he is one of my favorites…)

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10 characters