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AR video really choppy


I downloaded this game to make AR videos with my kids, but when you use the AR functions, the dinosaurs and videos are fine. But when you save or share them, the video playback is appaling, unwatchable, all choppy and just all round useless. I’m using an up to date huwaie P30 Pro.

Many thanks

This happens to me and I use IPhone.

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Is that just what it is then? No fix? Just a load of rubbish lol

I get it sometimes. I think it depends on how steady you hold the phone. I get better results the less movement there is.

I tried that too, actually stuck it on a phone tripod lol, seems to be the dinosaur movement seems so choppy

Odd. Have you looked at whether your version of ARCore needs a update?

Yeah Ive updated everything, seems fine in the live ar recording, just on the playback of the saved /shared videos