Ar wont work


Im using a samsung s9 with Android 8 and it wont let me take ar Photoshop, and if i open the game on a samsung s8 with Android 7.2 it world fine, can you guys help on what to do on s9?


Im having the same problem with my phone. I currently use the Razer phone on Oreo 8.1 and I have set permissions for the game app to be able to have access to my phones, gps, camera, and storage. Please advise.


Tienes que ir a la sección de tus dinosaurios, seleccionas uno y al lado de su nombre del lado derecho aparece un círculo que dice “RA”, pero al parecer no aparece o aun no lo ponen en ciertos dispositivos.


Its possible your s9 is not supported while your s8 is; check your device number. If this doesn’t compare contact suppport! (At the bottom of the link)


Ok…me parece que no es compatible con mi Moto G4…Muchas gracias… :smiley:


Damn yea my model is not supported, thx, hopefully they will add my model soon cause I rlly liked the AR.