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Arambourg in trial RAR has escape priority

So i have no evidence cause it caught me off guard but the arambourg used rampage and run on Purataurus and just swapped straight away without taking counter damage and ACTUALLY SUCCESSFULLY SWAPPED
Might wanna keep an eye on that :wink:


Yes I used Grypo and experienced the exact same thing.

Grypo vs Arambourg.

Arambourg rampage & run, hits my Grypo then changes into Nasuto who hits me, then my Grypo does counter against Nasuto but no counter against Arambourg.

Ludia fix these strike towers for once, they’ve been plagued with incorrect moves for months.

Our team is looking into this issue. Thanks, RaptorGang!

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I couldn’t swap prevent arambourg with compy and I wasn’t threatened. I saw the orange swap prevent lines but the animation didn’t happen

Total glitch moment