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Archaeopteryx Request

The archaeopteryx should be a new epic. It is not too over-powered but not to bad


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i really like how you built its moveset, it really feels jwa style and is balanced

I’d go more like this:


Birds have shallow bones so you could not have vulnerability resistance at all

I meant hallow

It… doesn’t have a Vulnerability resistance though.

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Even with that fact it could still have it since we’re in the jurassic franchise where science is non existant lol


jwa is going to add achchaeopteryx as said by gamepress in the recent datamine

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What’s that word mean again?


Oh cool! :slight_smile:

datamine has archaopteryx datamined and a hybrid datamined called argenpteryx wich is an epic so archaopteryx will either be a rare or common

jwa toolbox stats are supposed to represent level 26 stats

That flapping move has poor design, having delay 3 is just a nutbuster, considering it only has a basic move and a swap move, so if you want to use it u have use crafty strike 3 times in a row before u can use it. Can you see this flaw?

That would be an oversight. It’s meant to be cooldown three, not delay.

I didn’t know that Thanks :slight_smile: