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Archaeopteryx's Alert Buff And Strike is a group attack

Archaeopteryx’s Alert Buff And Strike is a group attack, ignoring flock Absorb.
But the ability only says “Target lowest HP”


iPhone X, iOS 14.6


I’ve also noticed that

Thanks, Retro! This has been brought to our team’s attention.

its not technically bad i find it useful but if they accidently did it, they should fix it.



Bug Description: I think the first skill of Archaeopteryx is not working properly. It works against all opponents, but the description indicates the target with the lowest health.

Area is was found in: I see it in the tournament.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Take Compsognathus.
Step 2 - Composognathus fights Archaeopteryx.
Step 3 - Use the first skill Archaeopteryx constantly.

How often does it happen: I’ve only seen it once. My allies also talk about this mistake.

What type of device are you using: I play on android in the Russian version of the game.


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