Archaeotherium - Common or Exclusive Creature

Does anyone know if this is going to be a global spawn or an exclusive we only see or rare occasion being let out? I am gathering and hoarding Archaeotherium DNA like some have with toilet paper.

I’m working to store up enough DNA to get my Keratoporcus to my team level 20 just in case so I stop and dart every one I see. I probably have enough but working to get enough to where if all got was 10’s, I could make it. At the moment, I would need 32000 DNA but if the average is 20 per fuse, I would say I’m good.

Archaeotheruim Keratoporcus

pretty sure it is a global. same with the rare turtle and the epic deer.

Archaeotherium is global anytime, so dart as much as you can, who knows if it will get another hybrid, best way to get these are from giga scents.

talk about the epic deer, I’ve been scenting for awhile… I just don’t think it’s wild…

just going off what gampress says. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve got enough Archaeotherium DNA for a 100 fuse on Keratoporcus. Pretty easy to dart too, so I’m thankful.

I have the rare turtle up to level 16. My epic turtle is 20 and my legendary turtle is 18. We need a Nasuto event.

You sure you’ve been scenting at dusk/dawn? I had one spawn on my house today.

My rare turtle is pushing level 17. I saw my second Eucladoceros tonight. Averaged about 215 between the dartings, so I’ve got it to level 13.

The darting animation for it is off too. I looks like it’s running across ice.

Global spawn. I have been seeing a lot of them from the 3 hour scent

She is a global common. I get lots of them around my house.

Yep, absolutely nothing.

I saw it once at my house. That’s it

Archie is everywhere here - Giga scents give me loads; my main has L17 Porcus and 50K Archie DNA; my alt has a L21 Porcus and 15K Archie DNA. Definitely global anytime. Rare turtle is also global anytime and I have just got mine to L20 on my main and started fusing the unique - nice 90 to start. New epic deer is global dusk/dawn spawn - I’ve been running a Giga every dusk/dawn and both accounts finally got one last night.

Giga scents do bring a ton and Archae is great for direct hits. I haven’t started fusing yet, but have 75k at level 15. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My best so far is a 420 and annoyingly one dart failed to fire so it could have been a clean sweep - I’m sure I will do it at some point.

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433 is my best and a 427 :laughing: it adds up fast!

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