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Archelon Tournament Prize Breakdown

Throwing this out there to show some of the progress and profitability of this tournament. This took a fair amount of work to compile and I prefer just playing for fun. My goal was to get to 100 victories for the sake of getting better information on the prizes. Usually I just try to finish in mid-range dominator.

I pay for a monthly VIP subscription to the game.

Mid-September I will have been playing this game for one year.

During this tournament, no DinoBucks were spent on speeding up cool down periods on dinos.

The 5 DinoBuck fee was paid for each battle.

I was able to complete all daily missions and events during the tournament duration.

Played games: 111 (105 victories, 6 defeats).

Total cost: 555 dino bucks.

I played 4 of those battles during the funny Sunday glitch that set everyone back to Hatchling level.

Averaged 31.4 Trophy Points per win

Finished with 3483 Trophy Points, or 9th in my arbitrary league as of 20 minutes left to go in the tournament.

End results of prizes from battles:
1,282,222 Coins
546,905 Food
730 DinoBucks
18,495 DNA
1,010 Loyalty Points
Plus a Diplocaulus, Tapejara, Velociraptor Garden Statue, Coloborhynchus, Tropical Planter, Protostega, Guanlong, Pachycephalosaurus

Above results include 11 VIP Mystery Packs and one Aquatic Pack.

Archelon Pack Rewards:
500 DinoBucks
5000 DNA
2600 Loyalty Points

So, not counting the ending pack, I was still ahead by 175 dino bucks playing the tournament, and picked up 23,495 DNA.

For the prize wheel info…

92 Victories in Dominator
45 prizes were for DNA (48.9%)
19 prizes were for Coins (20.7%)
11 prizes were for VIP Mystery Packs (12.0%)
10 prizes were for Food (10.9%)
6 prizes were for Dino Bucks (6.5%)
1 prize was for an Aquatic Pack (1.1%)

My guess is that DNA is probably 50% of the Dominator Prize Wheel. To be honest, I like this greatly as I can always use more DNA. I would be happy if coins would be heavily buffed, or dropped from the Dominator Prize Wheel. Odds are if you have the dinosaur collection to keep up with Dominator League pace, you don’t need coins.

I suspect the VIP packs showed up more often than usual, but with the small data set, it can happen. I also ended up with 100% DinoBucks in Hunter league (3 of 3) but again, small data sets are silly.

4 battles in Predator, 3 in Hunter, and 2 in Survivor, and the glitch 4 in Hatchling rounded out the tournament.


I’d be curious to track mine next time, but fairly sure I ended up behind on DBs for two main reasons, one obviously because I got ZIP in the Archelon pack, but also due to my wasting so much time on the second day trying to play unwinnable matches. The only thing that may have caught me back up would have been the aquatic pack which I think I got 50 Db out of. I did rack up a fair amount of DNA though. Nothing much else to speak of.


Great work, but I’m never going to track mine. That would only feed my JW depression.



That’s why I tracked it. Your aquatic pack was probably 250 dinobucks.

I came out ahead in dinobucks, barely, plus a thousand loyalty points and 18,000 DNA more before the final pack. If I hadn’t won the aquatic pack, I’d be down 50 dino bucks from the battles.

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I’m sure when you play the entire 4 days PvP regular battles on the Elite wheel, you’ll probably end up with something better than this.

… I might consider this the next time when there’s a dinosaur I’ve already unlocked.

Yeah, same here… Thankfully I’ve been making some bucks in the TH.

This was a good roll up, interesting to consider… I’m with @Tommi though, it’s doubtful I’d ever track my own prizes. I like the random feel of it, which tapers off considerably when I know exactly how bad the prizes really are for me over time.

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Agreed on the PVP. Especially if you get two spins and have a similar win rate. I’m finishing up a week of dino buck collection tracking but started a PvP log for battles.

What I realized, is that the tournaments are decent for resource collection. The dominator league prize pack is the real gem, however. The DNA heavy prize wheel is actually really nice. Especially if you are hunting DNA.


I agree with what you said but I don’t want to track how much I win just as long as I finish in dominator league that’s all that counts for me and being able to complete all events every day and daily missions this is how you get to collect as many resources that are available

I tracked my PvP prizes for about a month, just to see how close they came to the probabilities, so tracking tournament prizes wouldn’t be a huge deal for me.

Well, at least after bombing on the tournament pack, I actually got the Golden Rewards on the Tournament Aftermath event. Not as good as getting a nice pile of DBs, but got 3K DNA, a T-Rex and of course the LPs are always good on those, so worth the effort to get that event done. If I can complete everything over the next 2 days that will be enough to get another Diplosuchus which I’ve really been looking forward to.

Update: And then I won another Golden Rewards from my daily Ceno PvP battle (Advanced prize wheel no less). Not such bad luck after all!!