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Archelon Tournament

Getting an earlier lead on me I see!

@Kiarash_Bahar - aww, thanks! I couldn’t have done it without all the great advice and help I’ve gotten here.


Thats where I am now.

This is the state of my team.

Just got 300 db out of a rare pack on wheel spinny thing


I’m not going to stay here, but look at that


If your 3x level 20 indoraptors were 6x level 10s, then you could’ve had 6 victories instead of 3. Ditto for gorgosuchus and your other top dinos.

I think the Archelon has chosen you. See, it’s staring at you. :eyes:


I feel so close to being able to pull myself into Dominator league, but I’m still utterly unable to win a single match the moment I step foot in it :stuck_out_tongue:
Really sucks, knowing that I just have to keep waiting on my hatchery to get better dinos. They don’t hatch nearly fast enough. (And the 10k VIP packs have given me aquatic dinos the last /six/ times, so I’m getting no help there lol)


I use one of those high lev dinos and with 2 very weak ones (cannon fodder). Only lost one match whilst doing this when I came up against 3 high levs.

Would not dream of using more than one high lev in a match.

Everything has just gained insane difficulty. I am still far from finishing in Dominator. Hopefully soon though

Enjoy the moment.


I wanted to impress and demotivate you with an undefeatable head start.:blush:

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As someone else here pointed out, one indoraptor + 2 super weak dinos (like common herbis) is good enough to win. Of course, don’t get smug, like I did this morning. Thought I’d win for sure, then my indoraptor got KOd by a Segnosuchus!!! That was embarrassing. :hugs:


See? Those damn chickens!

:rooster:. :rooster::rooster::rooster::rooster::rooster::rooster::rooster:

You’re not alone in getting only aquatics from the 10K packs. I’d swear they changed the probabilities because I seem to only get them as well, and it’s been that way for the last couple months at least. Thankfully I did build up a nice roster of jurassics before I started getting such a glut of aquatics, and also resorted to taking the 11K trades in the harbor for the land creatures as well (until those dried up recently too). Now that I’m able to comfortably compete in the Jurassic tournaments, I’m not minding all the aquatics so much.

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Mission accomplished then! :wink:

With this one so close on the heels of the last 4-day tournament, I’m not really up to putting as much effort in this time, but we’ll see how the weekend goes.


By far my best results


I finished all my events earlier today and the daily missions this afternoon I started the tournament I’m in first place in dominator league hopefully everyone else is having a wonderful day


Not only have I not seen 11k bucks or LPs for VIP dinos in trade, the daily LP lottery seems to have tanked as well. Haven’t won a pack or VIP dino in quite a while now, perhaps a month or more?

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Yeah I haven’t been winning as much in the lottery either, and seems like I am not hitting the diamond prize without putting more resources in, while getting less back than before… not sure I will continue playing it but probably need to sit down one week and figure out if I’m coming out ahead or not still. I have such a backlog of tourney dinos to hatch at this point, the only thing I’m doing it for is the VIP at the end but if I’m having to put out a ton of DNA and/or DBs to get it, not sure it’s worth it.


Good call. I might reevaluate too. Got a stash of LPs to clear as well, and I’ll still use them all on 10k packs. Even unhatched VIP dinos are starting to build up for me. But come tournament time, they lead the way. :sunglasses: