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Archelon Tournament

Important is to do the 2nd one when it’s DNA, you can buy 20 x tickets and that puts you easily to the Diamond packs when you purchase all for LP’s and watch a few video’s.

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A dozen cents.


The lottery hasn’t changed as far as the amount of resources needed to get to the diamond prize at the end of the week. Still the same all of slot 1, all of slot 4, and 23 of slot two (I recommend doing these on the days where it costs DNA for the tickets).

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Thanks for the tip! I always do all of slot 1 and 4 and paid the difference for the diamond prize but using DNA is way better!

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Depending on the time of day on the last day that you purchase the last of slot 1 and 4 it will stop just short of the Diamond prize but after the time that the MODs refresh 5pm PST it will click over and land on the diamond prize. If you do 24 of slot 2 you won’t have to wait.

I think the problem is that you can buy tickets after the last lottery drop but an hour before it rolls over to the next week and I think when I had a week where I forgot to watch videos or get enough of the DNA tickets and fell short I must have clicked to get those and unlock the diamond prize and now I never can get caught up again, until I either skip a week or spend the DBs.

If you are not to here you need to by more tickets today of slot 2:

I have all of today’s and bought all of yesterday’s as well and still not that far along. Again, I believe the issue is that hour overlap, and the first day’s LP tickets ended up on last week’s prize bar, not this one. I’ll probably just pay whatever I need to at the end in LP tickets to get to the diamond and then skip a week until it resets again.


End of tonight’s runs. Didn’t expect to still be here at the end of the day, I’ll be interested to see if things get as busy on the weekend as they did in the last one, that will probably be more than I will be able to keep up with. Oh, and having finally gotten finished the Indominus Rex hatch missions, now have one of those added at the top of my lineup, and she did some nice work for me in her first tournament match. 10 hour CD so will have to wait until tomorrow to bring her out again, and as many carnivores as I have, she won’t have sisters any time soon, but that definitely felt like a big milestone.


I’m done for tonight I will do the events for Friday then back to the tournament

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Just managed to pull a very lucky win. Eolambia, you’re a god and i love you


I would be happy with the legendary aquatic twins pack , but I’ll try to get in Dominator League 2 hours before the tournament is over :wink:

Well my lucky streak seems to be over. 3 straight losses in Dominator with my best stuff, none of which was even close, so now I’m going to start falling out of 1st. For some reason the AI has decided to ramp up the difficulty considerably, I’m getting opponents with 6K+ health, and no matter what lineups I do, it puts up the worst possible ones to make my life difficult. Very frustrated at this point, and throwing in the towel for the night.


What’s your best creature?
My strongest are I-Rex lvl 20, Gorgo lvl.40 , Concavenator lvl.20 and Tanycolagreus lvl.20

These were all level 20 VIPs.

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Oh dear now I know that it makes not sense for me to do more battles , because my other creatures are not very strong !

Last night’s data

I know it’s a bit early for projections but in analyzing data from Day 1 it looks like the bottom of Dominator will end at ~1,177 points. I always air on the side of caution with these projections, so right now it would be safest to shoot for at least 1,300-1,500 points to be in the clear to win this tournament.

Note: This is just a rough idea of where the tournament is headed. My projections always assume the speed of the tournament won’t change. Most us know the speed often does change (sometimes it speeds up, sometimes it slows down), therefore my projections tend to get more accurate down the stretch of each tournament.

Projection formula:

450 (Bottom of Dominator League now) MINUS 230 (Starting point for Bottom of Dominator League) = 220 (Points accrued since beginning of tournament)

220 / 23 (Hours tournament has been going) = 9.56 points per hour

9.56 x 76 (Hours remaining) = ~727 Projected points remaining to be added

727 + 450 = 1177 Projected points for bottom of Dominator


Still doing fine


I have already completed all events today including the daily missions and I’m in first place in dominator league but we still have a long way to go good luck to everyone hopefully y’all reach the achievements in the tournament you are striving for

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