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Archelon Tournament

Yesterday I was 100th in Dominator League, but when I wake up this morning I was still 100th, but in Predator League!

So I had to do lots of battles, but my opponents were easy!
So I was 3rd in Predator League but the players on rank 1 and2 had 700 points more than me!
And I had only 2 points more than 10 ''players" after me and all of my good creatures are in cooldown… So I’ll give it up

I hope Mary_ Jo that your opponents are as easy as mine today and you complete the tournament in Dominator League !
Good luck to all of you

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The AI has gone haywire on me and I’m finding it hard to win a single battle. Think this tourney might be a hunter finish

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Lost some ranks overnight but i’m still pretty safely in Dominator. You can see gaps starting to form.

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Finally I got my first dino bucks in this tournament. And what an incredible amount. I feel blessed.


Wow, don’t spend all those dino bucks at once!


I’m so excited.
There are so many possibilities, I don’t know what to do.


When I stood up this morning 4 hours ago I was first in dominator 200 points ahead.
Now I’m losing ranks faster than I can fight, actually I’m 11th and 150 points behind number one.
I did 6 fights, won all of them and got at least 180 points.
That means that the virtual 2nd in my league this morning, achieved more than 500 points in the same period.

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Went to bed last night in second. Woke up down in about 30th. Won 2 fights out of 2 this morning and still dropping. Once my dinos wake up i will use them all up to try to stay in dominator.

Ah, the irony! Everyone talking about how fast this tournament is moving, and I can’t seem to fall enough in an entire day to get a match I can even have a chance in. Down from 1st to 49th and still not getting matches that are winnable. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s possible that I could play enough to get to 1st on the first day and still be unable to finish in Dominator at all.

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What dinos are you using that are giving you so much problems? I know you are using lvl20 Vip’s A great deal, but which ones? I’m kinda curious.

I’ve also no luck today on the PvP Jurassic Wheel, 8 matches and 200 DNA plus food and coins, I should’ve just watched a few videos.

At least the dominator gave me now finally 20 DB’s, I think I’m done for today.

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I don’t mind it being a bit difficult but this usual problem doesn’t exactly help.

All good so far

Oh look!

Guaranteed win lost and 3 decent dinos stuck on cooldown for nearly a day!

Top of league as it stands



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New projected finish for bottom of Dominator is: 1599 points.

The pace of this tournament is still picking up, so keep punching out those battles if you want to get Archelon.

Projection Formula:

866 (Bottom of Dominator League now) MINUS 230 (Starting point for Bottom of Dominator League) = 636 (Points accrued since beginning of tournament)

636 / 46 (Hours tournament has been going) = ~13.83 points per hour

~13.83 x 53 (Hours remaining) = ~733

Projected points remaining to be added

733 + 866 = 1599 Projected points for bottom of Dominator (Up 127 points from 9 hours ago)


Good run from last night and this morning. I had one battle against overwhelming force and three or four encounters with Psychic AI Syndrome, but otherwise a good solid run


@Badgerzzz need to black out your support key on the one picture. FYI.


I am barely staying in predator league, because I kinda took a long break from this game. :sweat_smile: so let’s hope I can just stay up in there. Good luck to everyone!

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I have had a good tournament so far I’m still in first place in dominator league and I have finished the daily missions and completed the challenge events for today just two more challenge events for Sunday and Sundays daily missions then just keep playing in the tournament but the spin wheel is still awful I have not landed on anything other than vip mystery packs and DNA,DB, food and coins

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Thanks for that.

I guess someone could have tried to cause an issue


My preferred lineup is one of my herbivores as a meat shield (apatosaurus my favorite but only have one so often use my hybrids like the pachy in this spot) and then an amphi and carnivore. I’ve rarely lost with this unless the opponents are very overpowered. But since I have so many pteros and carnis I do mix it up, will often use 2 of one class and 1 of the other to use these up.

At least today is starting on a better note, have dropped into the bottom half of Dominator now and tried one match, didn’t just win that, but won handily with my meat shield not only saving 4 reserve, but taking out the leadoff carnivore as well. Rest was a piece of cake. I’ll see how things go after letting it fall back down further.

Another day where the PvE matches didn’t require using any of my tournament dinos. It looks like that will not be the case tomorrow though so I definitely would like to get close to the predicted points needed for this tournament today if I can.


So far I earned in 3 days 30 dino bucks in this tournament in almost 70 fights.

What said @Jorge in

[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Post Update 36 Changes

‘We want to make the game more balanced.’

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.