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Archelon Tournament

Sad, but you may get DBs when you win the Archleon pack.
The Dominator wheel is always more DNA based for me. I’ve been having succes buck-wise with daily missions and random trades

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My one win yesterday did earn me 40 DBs. Still not enough to cover what I paid for in DBs for the entire day, but compared to how few we are getting now on that prize wheel it felt like a windfall.

I think we are seeing more and more how Ludia’s idea of “balance” means get players to spend more and more DBs to play the game while reducing every possible chance they have to earn them. Tournaments starting to look like yet another way they are tweaking the game to suck DBs out of us, with adding another day, and reducing the chances to earn back what you are spending just to play (let alone having to use speedups).

Just another update on my progress still in first place in dominator league and I just won something good on the spin wheel

also based on the bottom score in dominator league being 968 in 2 days if they score the same in the last 2 days you will need at least 1936 trophies to be in 100 place in dominator league this is just a guess

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TBH i’m still grateful for a 4 day long tournament, seeing that the first ever tournament in this game (Mosasaurus before the aquatic update) ran for 30 days😰. They’re still having mercy on us😂

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Definitely looks like being in the bottom 50 of Dominator is my safe spot. No losses yet, in several matches. Even getting away with using some stuff lower than my VIPs, so as the point spread widens more I should be able to slowly add points while staying at about the same spot. I did get a 500 DNA reward so that at least is something that I couldn’t earn in the same amount of time watching a couple ads for free. But for the most part there seems little point in spending DBs to do more than just qualify into Dominator, vs for instance playing mod PvPs.

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Ha! Well a tournament THAT long becomes a completely different animal, I doubt you would see anything like the kind of activity we tend to see on these shorter ones throughout. I think someone else had the suggestion of having a month-long “tournament” of types for PvPs, where your total wins compared to everyone else would determine your prize. So would be pretty similar to that.

Back at the top, but this is not going to last for sure.
Getting these very poor rewards after each fight is killing my motivation for this tournament.
I’m confident that I have enough to finish in dominator but I’m not sure if I’m going to continue…I’m afraid that I will in the end…hope dies last.


Here’s my bracket data. Today is running SO completely different than yesterday. It’s like someone flipped a switch. My matches not just easier, they are often MUCH easier, where I’m completing them with 2 dinos still standing. Well, at least now I know, if I work my way up that high on Day one again, just plan on skipping the entire second day.

Oh, and just to add to how much better today is going, actually won an Aquatic pack! 2500 DNA, food and a Xiphactinus, which I still need to complete to unlock the hybrid. Definitely wouldn’t mind a few more of those.


Lucky you.

My battles have been extremely tough.

I have not lost but not done many due to cooldown. Had to use my best teams and what I was coming up against was not nice.

Did win an aqua pack just now with 2 x 250 db in it and earlier1000 dna.

top 2331
me 52nd 1787

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Yeah, the rewards have been pretty bad. Nothing at all to speak about and I’ve been in Dominator since shortly after this tournament started…


I’m at 310 dino bucks from the tournament today.

I’m probably around 85 matches played. As a guess I’m breaking even dino buck wise. Probably close to 30,000 dna accumulated.

2nd place guy (bot) keeps trying to sneak up on me…

Current projected finish for the bottom of Dominator is: 1,696 points.

The tournament is still steadily picking up the pace, so it at the current rate it’ll likely finish a little bit higher than 1,696 (Potentially even as much as 1800-1900).

Projection formula:

1074 (Bottom of Dominator League now) MINUS 230 (Starting point for Bottom of Dominator League) = 844 (Points accrued since beginning of tournament)

844 / 57 (Hours tournament has been going) = ~14.81 points per hour

~14.81 x 42 (Hours remaining) = ~622

Projected points remaining to be added

622 + 1074 = 1696 Projected points for bottom of Dominator (Up 97 points from 11 hours ago)

Also all of my prizes during this tournament have been pretty bad, maybe the worst ever.

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I have not played since earlier today but I’m still in first place in dominator league

I won an Aquatic pack too, quite a pleasant surprise after those weak prices during the tournament.


An even 2000. Been busy gathering SDNA from the modded PvEs.

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Good news, the pace seems to have finally plateaued (at least for the moment).

The new projected finish for the bottom of Dominator is: 1,695 points.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to win Archelon! This one’s gonna help me out- I still need four more to recreate my Level 40 after fusing Megarchelon.

Projection formula:

1118 (Bottom of Dominator League now) MINUS 230 (Starting point for Bottom of Dominator League) = 888 (Points accrued since beginning of tournament)

888 / 60 (Hours tournament has been going) = 14.8 points per hour

14.8 x 39 (Hours remaining) = ~577

Projected points remaining to be added

577 + 1118 = 1695 Projected points for bottom of Dominator (Down 1 point from 3 hours ago)


This tournament is still tracking identically for the most part to last week:

Blue and black is this week, Orange is last week.

Last weeks tournamen tended at about 1780-1790 so I would be aiming for 1800 or more if you want to be safely in Dominator.



Well everyone, so much for the “plateau,” as the tournament has picked up again (And it’s accruing at a rate of 15 points per hour; which is pretty darn fast for any tournament).

New projection for the bottom of Dominator is 1,727 points. You should be able to slide in with ~1,750 points, but 1,775-1,815 might be a safer “just in case,” range to be shooting for; especially with how this event’s been moving.

Projection formula:

1213 (Bottom of Dominator League now) MINUS 230 (Starting point for Bottom of Dominator League) = 983 (Points accrued since beginning of tournament)

983 / 65 (Hours tournament has been going) = ~15.12 points per hour

~15.12 x 34 (Hours remaining) = ~514

Projected points remaining to be added

514 + 1213 = 1727 Projected points for bottom of Dominator (Up 32 points from 5 hours ago)


These gaps are a royal pain when trying to climb back up, but at least i’m safe for now


I was out most of the day today so by the time I got back home, had to do some work to climb back up but based on the score predictions, looks like I should be safe at this point and free to do the PvE(s) tomorrow as well. Got a common pack, a lot of DNA and a bunch of the 10 Db prizes for my work… and only had a single loss… when I was seeing how easier the matches were now I just had to see how low down my lineups I could go before I would lose one. When I was putting up all lvl 40 legendaries that’s when the AI started to push back with tough opponents… although even then I still came pretty close to sneaking another win!

Otherwise it’s been even easier for me than on Day One. Glad I was able to actually enjoy some of the new dinos I’ve added at the top of my lineup like the Indominus and my new lvl 15 Diplosuchus. They did some nice work today. As I am able to add more stuff at a similar ferocity I’ll be able to level them up fully.